Ike & Gemme: Laughter


I smiled lovingly, "you're not. I cried to when I was torn from my sister." I wiped away another one of her tears; trying to distract her mind I continued. "When me and my sister were ten we were torn apart, my sister was sent here and I went with my own adoption family. The agents found out about us and killed our parents so we could be split up and our power deemed useless."

I tried his best to stay out of her mind as I continued, her sorrowful thoughts spilled into my own. "Please, don't cry." I hated to see girls cry, that's why I try not to get involved with them. I moved around so much although, in fairness, I was looking for my sister. "I hate to see you cry." I searched my head to find a subject to change to. "So, what can you do with your powers?" I smiled gently, almost forgetting how loving Leo's were meant to be. They love with their hearts, we love with our minds. I remember that quote from something my father said. My father was a Leo, my mother a Gemini.

I took a slight glance at Gemme, she had tied her hair back and was now looking up into the sky. I caught one of her wandering thoughts, she thought people would think she was a freak because of our eyes. A low growl escaped my throat as I thought about all the idiots that had called her names. I just wanted to kill every last one of them. But that Aquarius guy had just drenched himself and she was laughing. I smiled, she was laughing. After all these years.


"That was foolish." I rolled my eyes but I couldn't help the giggle that burst forth from my lips. "Thank you though." I smiled, I hadn't laughed in years; eight to be precise. I placed another marshmellow to my lips and grinned at him foolishly.

The End

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