Aquarius: Clowning around...

I smile as one of the Gemini twins begins to speak to Leo. Hopefully it'll distract her for the moment. She was nice and all, but she was also very competitive. Granted I am too but hey, I'd like to relax a bit. Something I have done for a while now. I turn to see the other Gemini twin quietly munching on a marshmallow.

"Now or never I suppose." I take a deep breath and make my way beside the golden haired girl. "Mind if I sit here?"

She looks at me, seeming kind of stunned. She turns her gaze back to her shoes but nods. I seat myself beside her, not to close to make her feel uncomfortable but close enough to look at her eyes. Damnit I can't stop staring.

"Marshmallow?" she suddenly says. Our eyes connect and she begins to blush, quickly reaching into the bag and pulling out two marshmallows. I scratch my head and take the two puffy white balls and pop one in my mouth.

"Damn. This is the tastiest thing I've tasted!" I exclaim. 

She gives me this weird look and asks, "You've never eaten a marshmallow?" I smile and nod. Now this of course is a lie but she's talking to me so one little white lie wouldn't be too bad.

"So, what power do you have?" I say.

"I can read thoughts." She says. She's still looking at the ground though. Maybe a little more talking should get her to actually look at me...

"Really?" She nods. "Alright then, what I'm I thinking right now?" She closes her eyes for a moment and opens them, still staring at the ground.

"You're thinking of ways you can get me to talk. So far you've got nothing."

I whistle. "Alright, I've got nothing." She lets out a small, short laugh, but a laugh nonetheless. "Ahah so you can laugh! Well then-" I get up and stand in front of her. "Let me see if I can make you laugh even more." I close my eyes and concentrate on the moisture in the air. Suddenly a large ball of water appears. I spin my hands and the ball of water follows, splitting into two as I clap my hands. I spread my fingers apart and the two balls of water become long stringy looking things.

I open my eyes and smile as she looks on in awe. I spin my fingers and the stringy waters separate and begin to move in a chaotic manner, spinning left and right, up and down, combining together and then exploding. I close my hands and the all the water combines into one big ball of water again. I concentrate on the ball and it begins to rise higher and higher into the sky. I snap my fingers and close my eyes as it explodes, drenching me in water.

I open my eyes again and grin at the sight of the Gemini girl laughing. Her brother and Leo turn to see what she's laughing at and stare at me. I turn around and shrug.

Well seems I have just embarrassed my self in front of the others for the amusement of one girl...

"Anybody got a spare change of clothes?" I turn back to the Gemini girl and stare. She's giving me a genuine smile now, not one of uncertainty. Her eyes seem to sparkle, like an emerald and a sapphire.

Definitely worth it.

The End

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