Leo: Stories

"Hey, Leo right? So, what brings you to Rosewood?" Ike slipped his hands into his pockets and smiled. I felt my face blushing a deep scarlett, but I blocked that out and let confidence over take me.

"Oh.. It's a long story - kinda complicated."

"I'm sure I can keep up." He sat on the other piece of tree trunk next to me. I took a deep breath.

"My Mum died in a plane crash." I gulped, fighting the tears. He placed a soothing hand on my shoulder. I steadied myself. "I started discovering my.... Abilities when I was fourteen. I decided not to tell anybody for the first year, but it was so hard.

"So I told my Dad. He was getting concerned, but I woke up one morning and he was gone. There was one million dollars left on the counter for me." I remember reading his elegant script.

Sorry, dearest Leoiza. I love you, but I have to leave. Take this and continue your life. But, move. Move to some place apart from here. You have to. Do this one thing, for me.

"He told me to go and live somewhere else. It took me a year to compose myself, and I guess I took a little detour and just ended up here. It's nice." I smiled. I didn't need to tell him the rest, the pain of it all.

"Wow. That sounds.. Harsh. I'm sorry." He reassured me, stroking my shoulder. A tear escaped my eye. My finger flew up to the tear and flicked it away.

"I'm so pathetic," I mumbled hopelessly to myself.

The End

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