Libra: Jerk!

Good day so far. Now all I had to do was brace myself for lunch where people might actually talk to me.
I walked into the lunch hall and people nearby stopped and starred. It’s fine Lilly, Just keep walking!
I queued and got my lunch, when I guy nearly tripped me, good job I’m unnaturally graceful and have good reflects in 5inch heels.

“Hey!” I stared at him.


“What was that for?!”

“What tripping you? Thought I might make myself known and say Hi.”

“Oh I get it! I take it you’re the jerk of this school. Thanks for making yourself well known before I had to work that out for myself. Anymore I should know about?” I gave him a sarcastic smile.


“That’s what I thought.” I turned on my heel and walked of to the nearest empty table.

The End

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