Vashti: It Just Gets Worse...

People need to be able to control there thoughts. As I walked into my second period class, I felt more than A couple tugs on my radar. I looked up, and saw at least seven girls trying to get the boys attention back. They were staring after me, and I could sense the atraction they felt.

I know what I would pickup if I went over and touched their hands. Fantasys not ment to be seen. Dreams they wished they could make true. I know.

I go up to the teacher again, and show him my sheet. He has already been staring at me, since I walked in the room. He holds out his hand, And I shake it. after about five seconds, his feelings grow magnified. I can see his thoughts, and they are to be expected.

I smile, and sense it just got worse for him. I don't know how I sense feelings or thoughts, but I know better than to tell people about it. The last time I told them, They had me tested. Then, my dad started looking at me different. Those years changed me. He did things that I haven't told anyone. They found out, and took him. Since then, I have lived on my own.

The teacher gets over it, and tells me to sit anywhere thats open. This day just gets worse. I sit near the back. As soon as I sit down, three boys sit around me, girnning like idiots. I can tell by the glares I get from some of the girls, I just ruined their days, too.

Well, lunch is next, so that can't be too terible. Can it?

The End

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