Aries : Gemini

The bell rings loudly, announcing the start of lunch. I pack my book and pencilcase away into my bag, and left the english classroom. We'd been studying "King Lear" for weeks now, and nearly everyone knew the script by heart. I walk over to the dining room, looking for a seat. I spot an empty chair near Gemme.

"Hey Gemme," I call, "Can I sit here?" I point to the seat opposite her. She nods.

"How are you?" She asks with concern.

"I'm alright, getting better. Who's this?" I look over to the boy next to her. They look surprisingly similar.

"This is my twin, Ike." I blink.

"Hi." He says, waving.

"Your twin?" She nods at me. I look at the two of them. "Zodiacs?" I whisper. They both stare at me and nod together. I face Ike.

"Sorry, I'm being rude. Hi, I'm Aries." I shake his hand and smile.

"Cool, hi. I'm Ike, I'm Gemini, but you know that. Name?"

"I'm called Aries." I grin.

"Oh, I see." He replies. "Hi. Have you met the others yet?"

The End

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