Leo: Marshmallows!

"Hey." One of the Zodiacs said to me, sitting on a bench just a meter away from me.

"Hi. Sorry about earlier.." I trailed off, hiding my face in my bright red hair.

"No problem."

"So, what are all your signs and names?"

"Gemini.. One and two." both the Geminis said at the same time. "I'm Gemme." The girl then turned to look at the boy as her blonde hair swished in the wind. "Ike," He grinned.

"Aquarius," The other boy smiled, "Aaron."

"I'm Leo. And.. Leo. My real name is Leoiza; but you can just call me Leo."

"Oh, well that's convinient!" Aaron chuckled. A smile hinted at the corner of my mouth.

"Damn!" Gemme muttered, pulling something from her bag.

"I have marshmallows and I wanna roast them but I can't! I forgot there aren't fireplaces in the field.." Her mouth slanted downwards.

"Oh!" I said. "Don't worry!" I ran around just a little faster than human speed, picking up lots of twigs and piling them next to the bench. Making sure the field was empty of people but us, I balled my hand into a fist. When I re-opened it, a ball of fire flamed in my palm. I flicked my fingers and the fire jumped from my hand and onto the twigs. A small flame flickered. I focused my attention on the pile and then the flames suddenly grew and roared towards toward the sky. Gemme, Ike, and Aaron all jumped back in the same instant, which made me giggle lightly.

"Wow! Thanks!" Gemme grabbed skewers and the bag of marshmallows and shared them round. I saw Aaron smile.

"We'd be able to have some awesome fights," I whispered to him. Fire Vs Water. Wicked!

His face lit up.

"Oh, you're on! After school, in that alley way down Malibu turning." I grinned, flashing my perfect teeth and shook his hand.


The End

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