Libra: New Start

Come on Lilly. New Country. New School. New Start.
Great now that I've finished my own little pep talk in the mirror I better get to sleep.I looked at the clock 4am. For god's sake I'm not even tired!

I went to my bed and curled up in a ball, closed my eyes and tuned in to my mothers dreams. She was on the floor curled up. Crying. Shaking. Then a hand grabbed her hair and picked her up. Throwing her across the floor. Shouting. Then I walk in, and kick him straight in the back, making him spread eagled across the work surfaces. I shivered. God I remember that day, it was awful. I just got so angry about the way Justin treated mum, and that was the last straw. She's been having that dream for week's now. So after the 'accident' we moved. To the great U.S of A. New start. Woop woop! Just another chance for people to stare and think I'm weird. Great.

The End

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