I sit rocking in the basement, knees curled up to my chest, I see a spider, it scuttles up the wall and sees me, it turns away. I touch it, the spider drops and falls to the floor, body on the ground feet curled up.

"Why?" I cry, this shouldn't be happening.

Keys click in the door, I hear footsteps in the hallway, mum and dad are back home. How can I see them? How can I hug them, give them a kiss on the cheek and welcome them home? I even missed school today.

So I keep rocking in the basement.

What am I going to do?

They shout my name, I hide in a corner, they cannot see me, I'm changing.

Mum opens the basement door, looks around, sees nothing and huffs gently, confusion is on her face.

I have to flee!

I tiptoe to the door, open it slightly and look out, nobody is there.

Quickly, I run to the front door and outside and I'm long gone, but where do I go, God I need help!

This couldn't be anything to do with being a Scorpio could it?

The End

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