Leo: Aries and Gemini

Lunch. Finally.

I grabbed my books and stacked them in a neat pile with no effort. I slung them into my black rucsac and shoved it on my back. Then I quietly made my way over to a tall, slanted oak tree. It was alone, near the back of a long, green field. The grass was wet from the rain earlier, but it was nice. I loved the rain. I sat myself on a piece of the tree's trunk, it twined outwards in a nice seat shape. I gently took a sandwich from my bag and nibbled on the edge.

I saw a girl who I hadn't yet seen today, although I'm sure she's a Zodiac. I saw her hover over to a boy and a girl, her silky black hair flowing around her and covering her like a veil. They met up, and started walking towards me. I fidgeted uneasily, and put my sandwich back to pull out a can of coke. As they came closer, I saw that all three were extrodinarily pretty. The boy and girl who were paired before looked like twins, and had different coloured eyes. I stopped mid-gulp and put the can down.

They were the Gemini twins.

The End

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