Saggitarius: Powers

I back up slowly then jump vaulting the guys head. I turn pulling my leg up as I do so to hit the heel straight into his stomach.

He keels over in pain. I create a thick stick behind my back and bring it round to smash it over his head.

He falls to the floor unconcious. I flick my hair back over my shoulder and turn to face Thorn who was watching.

"Wow" he mutters racing an eyebrow. "Have you been trained?"

"Yeah, now what lesson do we have next?" I walk over to peer at the timetable he has out.

"Umm, Geography"

"Oh, yeah I remember" I then turn on my heel dropping the remainder of the stick which turns to dust.

"Your powers are amazings, how long have you been practicing them?"

"Since I was fourteen" I whisper looking down at the floor. Memories try to flood my brain but I hold them back. No point in reliving the past is there.

I sigh and shake my head. "Bad time back then" I whisper.

"I know what you mean" he mutters. I look up at Thorn and his eyes are pinned on the floor at his feet. "My mum died giving birth to me and my father got put in prison last year..... I'm living on my own at the moment"

"I'm sorry" I whisper placing a hand on his shoulder.

"What happened to your parents?" he asks looking across at me.

"They were killed.... cause of what I could do. A very kind man called Yanto took me in. He believed in the Zodiac's you see. He gave me training in martial arts and concentration. Have you noticed you have to concentrate to acess your powers.... And calm"

"Yeah, but it's starting to get easyer" Thorn mutters.

"You know it's really good to have someone to talk to again" I say smiling and I watch him smile back.

Really good to talk with someone who can understand.

The End

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