Aquarius:Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

"Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?" I asked the girl beside me. After it was clear I showed no interest in her, she began to behave in a less than hospitable manner.

"Yeah all the time by every boy I see." She answers. A sigh and look out the window, catching two people standing out there. From the looks of it they're twins, one male one female. But for some reason it's the female that catches my attention.

"Who's that?"

My classmate turns around and makes a face that resembles a squashed jack-o-lantern. "That's some weird chick with freaky eyes and...huh I've never seen that other guy before." She turns away again and begins flirting with another boy beside her. I chuckle before staring at the twins with golden hair.

The girl turns around and catches me staring, her face turning a shade of red. I feel my face light up a bit too and quickly look back down.

Whoa. She does have two multi coloured eyes!

The teacher's lesson begins to grow distant as I close my eyes and put my head on my desk. Whoever she was, she was definitely no freak. No girl had made me act like this before. But then again she did have a twin and multi coloured eyes.

"No matter. By the end of this day I will have made this pretty eyed lady's acquaintance." I say quietly to no one in particular.


The End

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