Aries : Back to School

I wake up, my head trying to blow itself up. Major cold. Lots of rolls of tissues used. Lots of trips to the toilet and lots of headaches.

"Get up, Aries!" My mum shouts at me. Snatching my duvet away.

"MUM," I scream, "Give me my duvet back, it's freezing."

"No, it's not." She opens the curtains and I am blind from the rays of sunlight coming into my eyes. I form some clouds and block the sunlight from coming into the window.

"Cloudy already?" My mum complains. I grin, she'd never know why.

"Mum, I have a headache. Can't go to school." I say snuggling back into my bed.

"Yes, you can. You've been off for a week now. Come on, you're missing important school." She practically drags me off the bed, I fall onto the floor and moan.

"Important? It's living hell."

Twenty or so minutes later

I am wearing a three-quater length jumper and flared jeans, my black hair flows down to my elbows. I put my brown watch on, matching the colour of my eyes, and stick my Sony Ericsson in my pocket. I take my shoulder bag, slumping the moment I put it on. Got to get used to carrying a bag. Haven't done that for....oh... a week.

"Mum," I groan. "I feel tired."

"Stop the excuses. You're going to be late for school."

"Mum, school is 10 minutes away. I think I'll be just fine."

"Then go!" I open the front door and clear the clouds away. The sun shines down onto the neighbourhood and I instantly feel much better.

"Morning, Mrs Dofel." I call out to our neighbour.

"Laundry, laundry, the laundry needs doing. Laundry." She mutters, wandering in and out of her house. "Oh hello, Aries. Good to see you on your feet again."

I arrive in school early and I spot a few new students. Already? That's quick. I yawn, couldn't we just go inside? I'd also get a chance to meet the new students. I glance up at the sky and quickly move some dark clouds over. It starts to drizzle, I hear girls in miniskirts on the other side of the school screaming.

"They said it wasn't going to rain!" I watch as they take out their pink folded umbrellas and put them up, holding them with one hand and wiping water from their thin legs with the other. I just grin. The school doors open and an english teacher gestures for us to go inside. We file in, this school always opens early in bad weather. I enter my classroom and look around for my friends.

The End

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