Gemini: Reunited

Gemme wrapped her arms around Ike. "I missed you!" She cried, her voice was a soft, light tenor. She was a quiet soul, but full of creativity. Her brother grinned, squeezing her within their embrace. "I missed you too!" His voice was lower, deeper. He was loud and energetic yet they got on like a house on fire.

The link between them surged as they were so close, the joy of being near each other making their hearts beat in time with each other. She ran her hand through his bright flaming hair. "You haven't changed Ike." She smiled. "Not one bit," he nodded in agreement. "Nor have you sister."

Gemme thought for a moment, she could hear his thoughts. Ike could also hear hers. They concentrated together for a moment, feeling every thought in the school zoom around their heads. They smiled together. "We still have it." They chimed.

She however felt something, she looked into the history block. There sat Aquarius, she knew from his thoughts. She looked over him for a moment taking in the situation he was in; Ike leaned in, following her gaze. "New boyfriend?" He asked, an eyebrow raised.

Gemme turned to him, shaking her head furiously. "No!" She blushed, even though she shouted her voice did not sound any more harsh. "What do you mean new? You know I have never had one anyway."

He nodded, laughing at how quickly his sister had snapped. "I know, I know." He looked around them. "Don't you have classes?"

She nodded, her blush fading. "Yeah, but I persuaded them that I was ill. I will go to my next lesson though." She shrugged, "what about you, you're not even enrolled here."

He shrugged with her. "I'll follow you and we can change their minds. Make them think I'm a student."

She rolled her eyes and they spoke together. "It's good to see you again." They both paused, speaking together with ease. "Twin."

The End

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