Saggitarius: Gathering

It was strange how it seemed the Zodiac's had started to gather at this school.

Gemme twin had come so now Gemini was complete. Thorn was Taurus. That girl called um.... Leoiza Spark was Leo. And Now Virgo was coming into the classroom and Aquarius.

Her name was Vashti and his name seemed to be Aaron.

So we have Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio to go.

I had my serpisions of their gift's as well!!!!

But that don't really matter right now. We're doing about the Italian Renaissance.... Don't ask me hard questions about it cause I'm barely listening.

I look across at Thorn again. God, I'm becoming Paranoid. He's not going to just vanish is he no! So stop looking at him!

I flick a look again and mentally hit myself turning my attention back to the board.

Why can't we learn about something easy.... We have Geography and I'm gonna have one heck of a time in that!

I mean I've traveled the world since I was forteen. It was so fun learning to sail a boat. I also saw a lot of Greece.

How I love Greece it was so warm and magical!!!!!

Anyway back to the Italian Renaissance....... date end of the 13th centurt to 1600... Wow that's a long time.

I look back at Thorn and catch his eyes staring at me. I blush and begin to write down notes aware that he's watching my every movement which makes it even worse.

My palm go sweaty and my brain goes fussy. I shake my head and regain some control. This was so unfair.

Everytime she looked into his eyes her heart would race and every time he grabbed her touched her skin accidently she felt a pang in her chest.

God, this was not fun. The good thing is I knew he was feeling it too. He constantly looked at me and blushed when I caught him which is soooo cute.

He also freeze when his fingers passed over my skin a moment ago and looked slightly embarassed. Sort of longing was in his eyes and I'm sure mine showed the same.

Problem is this seemed to make me enemies with all the people in the class except for the Zodiac's......

I was glad Gemme had found her brother, did I mention his name was Ike..... No, well I have now.

The bell rings and I'm so glad break has come but in fifteen minute's I'll have to endure that feeling next to him all over again. But this time there would be a film on so it would be in the dark and people always say when you're in love it's harder to resit the temptation in the dark.

The End

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