Gemini 2

I ran down the street wildly, hearing the call of my sister echo in my head. My bright red hair was a mess, it always was, as I zoomed down the winding streets. "I'm coming." I sighed to no one in particular. I am quite athletic, I have a small build but defined muscles. I pride myself on strength and speed; my sister, she always was the creative one. My left eye is blue, my right green. Linking me to my sister Gemme.

I ran in through the gates, holding my bag over my left shoulder. "Gemme!" I yelled, walking toward the history block. The feeling in my head is growing stronger, the joy making my heart beat fast. I had been waiting years to find her. I scoured the whole country, now here. Here she is.

I saw her blonde hair fly back in the gusty winds. I called her name again and her eyes met mine. The same as when I saw her all those years ago. She smiled, a tear almost coming to her eye and I smiled to match hers.

"Hello, twin."

The End

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