Leo: A new start.

ICT buzzed by. I flew gracefully and effortlessly down the coridoors. But something made me stop and it felt as if ice had been injected into my veins. I turned and saw two people. By now the coridoors were empty apart from us three. We all gasped. I stared into their perfect eyes and at their pale skin.

"You're Zodiacs," I stated. They both nodded.

"So are you." One of them whispered. I nodded back.

"I have to get to art." I said, louder this time. I then continued through the school, not bothering to look half normal now and zoomed down at an abnormal speed. I slowed when I reached art class and opened the door. I heard girls sigh at me, a sigh of jealousy, and I felt the boys eyes on me. This was normal.

A lady with honey blonde hair and a purple jumper on greeted me and gave me my seat.

I waltzed to my desk and delicately sat myself in a dark black plastic chair. A new start. A new school.

I groaned quietly.

The End

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