I walk through he doors on my first day of school. You would think I would be used to this, since I do it every seven months or so, but it still annoys me.

I follow the signs into the main office, and smile at the secretary. I tell her I need to speak with the principal. She kinda looks at me weird, but waves me through. I tell her thank you, and knock on the door as I flip my blond hair over my shoulder. 

"Come in." says a man's voice from inside.

I slowly open the door, and step through. I give him a moment, before introducing myself. "Hello, I am the new student. My name is Vashti." His eyes widen slightly, then he remembers who he is. "Welcome, Vashti. I hope you will like it here. I have your class schedule right here. Your first class isn't for another twenty minutes. Why are you here so early?"

" I came early in case you were busy and I couldn't get my schedule. I am sorry to disturb you. I need to go find my first class. Goodbye, Sir."

With that, I walk from the room, and out of the office. I glance at my list, and see that my first class is world history. UGH! And to make it even better, A quick glance done my classes, tells me most of my teachers are men. Great!

I find my room, and stop outside, taking a deep breath, before twisting the knob, and entering. This should be interesting.

The End

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