Gemini 1: Loneliness

I sighed, tapping my pen restlessly on my book as I glanced at the clock, I couldn't help but feel something was missing. I knew exactly what it was. Where was he? I let out another deep sigh. Oh twin. Where are you? I got up as the bell went and the teacher asked me where I was going, I replied simply that I felt sick and walked out of the room.

I did feel sick, but not physically. I moved outside the history block, perching myself on the wall outside. Aimlessly I lifted my head to the sky, gazing up at the thin clouds moving by as my golden hair blew behind me. I opened one of my many notebooks and began to write, I found it my one outlet to sanity.

I wrote: "Oh twin, please find me. I feel as though I am torn in two. My powers are weak without you. Please, find me. When you do I will be waiting brother. Oh. Please." I slammed my pen down into a final, angry full-stop. I could feel eyes on me, "Oh right. Taurus has history." I mumbled feeling a hot stare burn into the back of my neck; yet I dared not turn to find out wether it was Taurus looking at me.

I took the blue ribbon from my hair, allowing it to flow freely as I tied it around my wrist.

The End

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