Saggitarius: Taurus

I stare into Thorn's eyes, there a golden brown and his hairs is midnight black which make his eyes stand out all the more against his pale skin.....

"I'm Arch" I whisper, getting it out.

"You're a Zodiac" he whispers. I nod and turn away so I can concentrate.

"I'm Taurus" he mutters begins to write so it seems he's concentrating.

"Saggitarius" I mutter beginning to start on the work about the greeks.

"Cool, what.... can you do?" He asks.

"I can create objects and control air currents" I whispers. "You?"

"I'm strong and fast, like really strong and fast.... there are is one other Zodiac I know of at the moment, one of the Gemini" he says finishing the work.

I look at Thorn better. He has nicely sized muscle and is about a little over adverage height, his body language shows he's relaxed but also quite happy.

"No twin" I ask.

"Not that I know of but I mean she has to have one..... I think she was adopted" Thorn says shruging. I finish the work my lovely elegant writing covering three pages off work.

The bell goes.

"What do you have next?" he asks gathering his stuff up and I do the same.

"Umm" I check my timetable. "History"

"Great we have the same classes" he says looking over my shoulder. I get up and notice he's a good head taller than me and I feel tiny next to him.

I pout angrily. "Why do you have to be so big?" I mutter and notice a few people glance as they walked by. Most of the girls eyes are full of hatred and jelously but still have complete awe which makes me slightly angry.

"My Symbol's a Bull" he says smiling and my heart rackets in my chest.

"Yeah, mine's the Archer yet I'm still small" I say turning on my heels and walking gracefully off. Thorn strides at my side and I see a cheeky smile on his face.

"So you a good Archer" he asks.

"Never miss want I'm aiming for" I say then I duck to the left as a book sails by where I was standing and Thorn stare's shocked at how easily I avoided.

"My sight and hearing is also amazing" I say smiling.

"Yeah and I can do this" He says pulling me into an empty room. He clicks his finger and horns grow up from his head.

"That is impressive" I mutter staring shocked. He smiles then clicks again. They return back into his head and we quietly make our way to History.

The End

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