Leo: Damn, not again!

"Damn, not again!" I groaned as I heard the heavy footsteps of men behind me. I pushed myself forward, shooting like a bullet. I felt the wind blister my face as it blew my long, silky, bright red hair behind me. I was wearing crimson skinny jeans, a plain white top and a black waistcoat.

"Not so fast, miss!" A voice called from behind me. I whipped my head around and felt my teeth gradually getting sharper and shifting forms inside my mouth. Long, sharp claws grew from my finger nails. A deep growl escaped the bottom of my lungs. I was still human; just with lion teeth and nails. I saw the three mens eyes widen in shock. I pounced and leapt at them. My teeth ripped at their necks and my claws dug deep into their chests.

Once they were dead, I disposed evidence of them. I returned into a normal human, not a hair out of place. I grinned and walked towards the school.

The End

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