Saggitarius: Uh, School

I stare up at the school...... Why am I doing this?

I have powers to create objects and control air and I'm making myself go to school.

Uh, I must be stupid........ No I'm not stupid just Opptimistic. I'm hoping this won't be as bad as it sounds.

Zodiac's don't age passed 18 you can't stay anywhere to long. I remember those words the guy had told me. He was a believer of Zodiac and had saved my life sacraficing his.

I sigh and look down at the floor.

I form a bag filled with the stuff I will need at school. Pencil case filled with all the things I need at school, a book, phone, Ipod and money.

Then I pull the bag on making sure the straps are comfortable on my sholders and head towards the school.

The receptionist welcomes me and hands me my time table and a map. I follow it to my first class which is Classic's.

This might actually be fun. I knock on the door and the teacher calls me in. I open the door and step in hearing gasps of shock.

Okay, I know my skin is pale and has no markings. I know that my body is slender but why do they alway's have to gasp.

"My name is Arch Carter, I'm new here" I say smiling up at the teacher.

I hear murmurs of jelously and awe from the girls while boys just nudge each other boyishly, if that's not a word it should be.

"Ahh, well this is Arch Carter everyone" the teacher says addressing the class. He then turns to his desk and grabs two books.

He turns and hands them to me. "Take the seat by Thorn at the back" the teacher. I nod and walk silently to the back.

I sit down next to a boy who moves away slightly. I don't bother to look at him as I grab out my pencil case and drop my bag on the floor beneath the desk.

"I'm Thorn Denis" the boys says. I look at him and gasp him doing the same.

The End

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