Febuary 1st

That's today. That's also my birthday. They say birthdays are times of happiness, of family. I have no family left. Therefore that means I must have no happiness...right? I shake my head, my messy brown hair moving side to side.

"Hey kid keep moving!" I grunt as a large man holding a handgun urges me foreword. His three companions follow ahead, each of them armed with a similar firearm. This wasn't the first time they had come. No a few days ago a man dressed in the same attire as them had come to my house and tried to abduct me.

"Remember not to let him near any water."

The man behind me shoves me, away from a barrel of water conveniently placed beside us. "You chaps aren’t as dumb as you look are you?" I sigh. The man shoves me again, cocking his handgun and pointing it at my face.

"You got some nerve talking to us like that you freak!" He yells. His comrades try to calm him down, but he won't hear any of it.

"If you want to live, I suggest dropping the gun." I say quietly. The three men stare at me in fear, like I'm some sort of mutant. The other stares angrily at me, aiming his gun at my forehead and closing one eye. "Big mistake old boy." I say. The barrel full of water explodes, knocking my would- be killer to the ground. I twist my fingers and the water forms into a ball and places itself on the man's head. I see bubbles of oxygen inside as the man slowly drowns. Two of his companions flee with their lives while the other aims his gun at me.

I lift my hand and a long, skinny pillar of water shoots from a puddle on the ground. It goes through the man's forehead and then freezes. The tip of the ice drips with blood. I shake my head and turn to the lifeless body of the drowned man, his eyes rolled back into his head. I snap my fingers and the ball of water dissipates, his head landing on the ground with a thud. I bend over and grab his gun, stuffing it in my pocket.

It's not like I'll need it though. After all I am a Zodiac. Aaron Stone, an Aquarius to be precise.

The End

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