Gemini 1

I walked down the street, my blonde hair tied half-heartedly in a pony tail as I concentrated on keeping my bag on my shoulder. I hated school, who doesn't? But being an insane girl that mutters to herself and emotion's flicker from joyous to depressed in a heart-beat; it just makes things ten times worse. My birthday is the 27th May, which means I'm a Gemini. That explains my insanity.

I have one green eye, my left, the other is blue. My mother said I'm special. They say it makes me a freak, I personally like it. Let's think, I have double English, Maths, Free then double Philosophy. I yawn, realising how boring this day will be. "But you like English." She says, I never believe her. Why would I believe a voice in my head?

I blame my zodiac. Stupid stars. Gemini, the twins, just makes me crazy. No, it's worse. I'm cosmic crazy. I roll my eyes as I turn the corner, I talk to myself because there is no one better to talk to. I wonder if I were my twin is; out there somewhere? I wonder... The first voice in my head trails off as I see my school. Boring Rosewood High School.

I enter the gates to the usual barriage of insults. "Freak, crazy," The leer. I sigh, turning to face the band of bleach-blonde girls with their new gucci handbags and matching shoes. "Hey, shouldn't you be inside? You might melt out here in the sun, plastics!" I growl, I realise however that comment will come back to haunt me as they look at me with evil stares. I'm normally quiet, Ike must be close. I thought, wondering as I moved to my first lesson.

That's me, the quiet, creative one. The one that never speaks except to answer to the register. Even then it's a quiet, soft squeak "Yes sir, Here miss." So boring, so routine. Where are you Ike? I miss you. 

The End

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