I run through the streets three large guys chasing me.

I turn and fire a bullet at one of the guys, and of course it hits dead center. He falls with a large thud and I take off again.

Why do I get myself in these sorts of mess. My oak brown hair flows behind me. It's shoulder length and cut in a sort of fiery style.

I round a corner and duck dodging a bullet. I turn and force out my hand making the guy who shot at me go flying backwards.

I then fire a bullet at the last guys head and of course..... I don't miss. I never miss, not even when my eyes are closed. I look down at the man on the floor the one still alive, my cloudy gray eyes piercing him and he screams in pain.

I smile. My powers can be useful sometimes. The man passes out and I leave him alive. He won't admit to the Police that a seventeen year old girl had killed his 5 mates and thrown him backwards with out so much as a finger on him.

He won't tell how that girl was about 5 foot 8 and had medium sized muscle. He won't say how she had out run them by miles and not even broken a sweat.... Although he might not have known the last part.

I throw the gun at the floor and it bursts into ashes. Then without hesitation I turn on my heels.

I'm a Zodiac and I'm Saggitarius.

The End

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