Grace's Epiphany

Argh! What a terrible headache. What happened last night?I said to myself as I rolled on the bed. Once my eyes adjusted to my surroundings I saw someone standing and probably looking at me; it was Craig.

“Good morning,” I said with difficulty while smiling, my head felt as if it was going to explode, I placed my hand on it to ease the pain. It worked for now but I had to take something else later on, before it hit me for good. Oh how much I hate migraines after a drink. I should have thought that before I tried the whisky. It was my fault that I wanted to get Craig’s attention but even if I had to suffer the consequences for my actions it was worth it for him.

When I rose from the bed his expression changed and said, "Good morning! Do you want breakfast with coffee or do you want me to escort you to your car? It's time to go to work.”

“Coffee would be nice. I take it black.”

As I answered I noticed that his mood was a little jumpy. It made his speech awkward at the same time, but I didn’t really mind. I didn’t even realize why he would be so jumpy for being late for work, until I noticed what had happened yesterday night.

Getting out of the bed, I turned away from Craig’s gaze to keep him from seeing my tomato red complexion of embarrassment. How stupid could I get, that’s what always occurs when I drink too much. Fortunately for me, he seemed as if he regretted having a one night stand. I thought maybe if I acted as if everything was okay he wouldn’t want to regret it in the end, but that didn’t work. My energy was getting as edgy as his was.

All for the best, I guess. He did mention that all the women that liked him didn’t show much interest in him for a long time. Maybe if I still act like nothing happened and show my feelings for him as I’ve always did, he wouldn’t take it personally.

As I found my clothes that were thrown at every direction and started to get dressed, Craig began speaking to me in his jumpy tone that could not cease. I was impressed by the way he just looked at me rather than just drowning at the sight of my naked body.

"If you want you can take a bath here. It's right outside the room on your right. I'll go fetch you a towel."

Not only that, but my edginess couldn’t cease either, "Okay, then. I'll wait for you to take a bath first so you can manage to make the coffee faster."

"Sure." And he went to the bathroom, taking a fresh pair of clothes and two towels. He handed me one of them before he went in.

Exactly when Craig finished in the bathroom and went to make the coffee, I rushed in to take a quick one. When I came out smelling like men’s shower gel, I decided to look around his house to see what his life is like.

Walking as quietly as I could possibly be, I walked down the staircase and in to the living room.

Everything was plain and empty.

There were no trophies, frames or pictures on the walls as people usaully have, no decoration or something interesting to set your eyes on. It was as if Craig wanted to forget his past. Or at least hide it from everyone else who came to see him or to try and understand him.

Before I could think it through I ignored that little discovery and went to the kitchen. Craig handed me a take-away cup of coffee the one’s that he often came with at work.

And all this time I thought he never made any of his own.I take a sip and my eyes finally opened up; I had to wait a little longer for the headache to leave me, though. Since we didn’t have much time – or Craig didn’t have any; I had to come later in the day -- we got out of the house in a rush, hopped in to his car and he drove me to mine so I can go home.


"Thanks for the ride. See you at the theater. I'm going to change before I come. They won't need me until later, so."

"Okay. Sure. See you later then." He waved goodbye to me and I went into my vehicle. Before I could start the engine, I relaxed my hands on the wheel. I couldn’t believe what happened between us. I’ve been dreaming for this day for so long – more likely, ever since I started working at the theater -- and I can't remember anything.

But everything changed for me that day. Even though I knew many people have tried before to make him open up, I had to try as well. I wouldn’t want to just think “if maybe” all the time in my head when I saw him.

Of course, I had to find a different approach than the ones that have already been done. But how?

The End

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