Helena: Smile

The rehearsals lasted all day without many breaks, but eventually we had done an entire run through and the lights and mikes worked perfectly together. I headed downstairs to put on my makeup, and heard the sounds of others following my lead. There was a knock on my door as I began powdering my face.

"Come in."

Eve poked her head round the  door.

"Jenna wants to see you, says it's urgent."

I sighed and put down my powder, getting up and making my way through the corridor and backstage again. I saw Jenna scurrying round with her notepad.

"Jenna? You  wanted to see me?"

"Um, no...oh yes, sorry Helena, my mind is all over the place. Actually it's Cara. One of the stage hands caught her costume with a piece of set and it's ripped. Kate is really busy helping the chorus in to costume so I wondered if...."

"...if I'd sew it. Sure. Is she in her changing room?"


I returned to the down stage area and knocked on Cara's door.

"Cara? It's Helena. Jenna said your costume was ripped?" The door opened and I jumped back. Cara grinned and nodded her head to  invite me inside.

Her shirt was layed on the chair, and I could see the rip.

"Thanks for this Helena, you're a star. Don't know what I'd do without you." I blushed and picked up the shirt, avoiding eye contact with Cara.

"Hmmm, those stage hands need to be more careful." I muttered, checking the rip. I picked up and needle and some thread and sat on the chair, quickly  stitching the long thin rip up.

"Yes, I really can't believe the amount of times this thing has ripped." She said, pulling on her boots. The rest of her costume was on, but she wore a strappy top instead of the shirt.

"It's the material; I told Kate she should get better quality for such a long run."

"Well I gave her enough money."

"I think she spent it on Twankey's costumes. They're always the most expensive."

"Yes, I suppose they are."

She leaned against the makeup table next to me and watched me sew. I glanced up at her and smiled before sewing the last few stitches.

"All done. Promise me you're not going to rip anymore?" I laughed as I handed it over.

"It wasn't me!" She said indignantly, but with a laugh in her face. I grinned and got up to go, but she asked me to stay. "Could you zip it up again please?" She asked.

As she slipped off her top and put the shirt on I looked away to give her privacy. Then I went to her and zipped up her shirt.

"Are you shy?" She asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, whenever you see me undress you always look away. You do it with other people too."

"I just, I don't want people to feel uncomfortable."

"It sounds to me like you're uncomfortable."

"Sometimes." I said, then shook my head and turned to go once more. "Good luck for tonight." I voiced as I reached the door.

"You too." She smiled as I left.

Baack in my own room I finished putting on my makeup then made my way upstairs. Cara definately made me nervous. I didn't want her to see me looking at her, for fear she'd realise I was attracted to her and wouldn't like it. Then she would never treat me the same. And yet when she wasn't looking, I couldn't help but watch. And seeing her catch my eye would instantly drive a smile to my lips.

I stood in the wings and heard the mumbles of the audience through the large velvet curtain. Tonight I was not as nervous, second night, everything working. But the nerves rose in me when I heard the announcement that told the audience the panto was about to begin. And then Craig stepped out on to the stage.


The End

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