Jenna Hartley

“Jenna you do such a good job at organising,” Ethan smiled at me and I smiled back,

“So you’ve mentioned three times,” I mentioned, Ethan took the clipboard out my hands and put it on the floor. He then turned me round to face the stage and began to massage my back, I let my eyes close and enjoy the moment.

“You deserve to take a break now and again, to relax,” he cooed in my ear.

“Jenna!” Came James’ voice, “I need your help,” I groaned and took a step away from Ethan,

“Work’s calling,” I grinned and ran off to James. I came to his side and put my hands on my hips. “What?!”

“I’ve sorted it now,” he smiled, I tried not to show my anger but it didn’t work, “calm down Jen, I didn’t mean to interrupt your…” he trailed off trying to find the right word, but I didn’t let him.

“I’m not angry James, far from it,” it took a lot of grace but I smiled at him and walked off.


I crossed back across the stage towards Ethan who passed me my clipboard and winked, I tried not to blush as I checked the rota. “I can’t afford to take a break,” I admitted, “I’m sorry,”

“How about tonight?” he asked, “Will you be able to let your hair down then?”

“I really shouldn’t, there’s too much to do,”

“Could I help? I really want to take you out, for old time’s sake?” he used his adorable pleading eyes and I relented and sighed.

“Only tonight, I’m making an exception Ethan,” I warned, “I can’t afford to go out every night…” I swallowed and hoped Ethan wouldn’t realise I was reluctant for another reason. The more time I spent with someone, especially at night, meant the more likely chance I’d have a fit. My fits were unexplained, unpredictable and could really scare people. I was five times more likely to have one after 10pm and if I was tired they were even more probable, I couldn’t feel them coming on and I knew that Ethan would be on the next bus out of here if I had one in his presence. James had once explained what happened when I had a fit…

“You start off going blank in the face and your eyes just glaze over as you stare at something in the distance. You then begin to shake, slowly and becoming more violent until you collapse on the floor. You begin to writhe about as if you’re being possessed or are in serious agony. You cry out in a foreign language and your pupils go to the back of your head…”

I had cut James off there because I had goosebumps on my eyes as I imagined the scene and from that point I made it my duty not to let anyone see me having a fit – unless they knew me well enough to sort me out after.

“I'm willing to pay if money is an issue…” Ethan began,

“No! Not afford as in money, afford in time,” I explained, “but tonight I’ll make an allowance, you can pick me up after the show,” I told him. “Now I really have to work,”


Later that day in the interval Craig came up to me, he looked concerned and a little wary of me. “Who’s the new guy?”

“Ethan, a guy from high school,”

“A friend?”

“I’d say so,” I smiled,

“A good friend?”

“No, in all honesty I barely know him,” I admitted, “but I like him, so I’d class him as a friend,”

“That makes more sense,” Craig nodded to himself, I lifted my eyebrows and looked him in the eye,

“What are you talking about Craig?”

“He doesn’t look good; it’s as if he wants to hurt you,”

“Been talking to James have we? Did James think I would listen to you over him? I can’t believe he cares so much about who I date, I mean aren’t we a little old for all this? Tell him to mind his own business!”

“James didn’t tell me to say anything…” Craig muttered,

“Oh come on! I’m not thick! Go back to that light box and tell James nice try,” I pushed Craig away and sighed, flicking the hair out my eyes. Eve came over to me and nudged my hip with hers,

“How’s Ethan?” she asked,

“He asked me out!” I burst, “And I said yes!”

“You did?” Eve asked, “I’ve got to tell you, I didn’t see that coming…”

“Really?” I asked still grinning,

“You’re so focused on work; I’ve never seen you look sideways at a guy,”

“Well watch me now,” I told her as Ethan made his way backstage. I tilted my head to one side and began to laugh with Eve. “See I’m looking at him…sideways,”

“Hey,” Ethan breathed as he reached us, I stood up straight and Eve tactically made up an excuse and left. I smiled up at Ethan and began to feel a warm glow in my heart, I had forgotten what it felt like to feel something for someone and I quite liked the feeling. In fact, I liked it a lot!

The End

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