Repetition Of The Haunting Past [2/2]


It was raining hard like the sky had a gap and someone on the other side was tossing massive buckets of water through it. The streets were still empty in the dark moonless night. Only the lampposts were lighting up the area.

A woman laid in my arms. I was kneeling down, looking at her with red eyes from the camouflaged tears in the rain. She seemed as if her soul was coming out of her body, grabbing my shirt as hard as she could to stay down.

"Craig..." she said quietly. I had to press my ear next to her to hear.

"Don't speak. You shouldn't tire yourself. You'll be okay, you hear me!" I cried awkwardly over the sound of the rain.

"You shouldn't be afraid. Even in death, where the soul is to forget everything of the living, I will make sure to never forget you; We will never forget you." And she fell into unconsciousness, her grasp loosening on my shirt. I held her tighter and cried in pain.

"Genevieve, please don't leave me, too. GENEVIEVE!"


 I woke up with a start. I didn't expect to have that dream again. It had been a while since that day. Suddenly, I realized I couldn't move my left arm followed by a massive headache. I rubbed my eyes from the sleep with my free hand, and opened them to see Grace by my bedside. I move my hand down, underneath the sheets. I couldn't believe I had a one-night-stand with a woman I actually liked. I hope she wouldn't think of it like that.

I looked at the clock on my cabinet. It was time to go to work. I shook my arm off softly to not wake Grace up.

It didn't work.

She rolled sideways to my direction and smiled at me. I bet she noticed what happened between us, but instead of being shocked or mortified, her smiled widened back at me with content. She didn't mind at all. I grinned.

"Good morning." she groaned, placing her hand on her head.

My face shifted, getting back to reality. "Good morning! Do you want breakfast with coffee or do you want me to escort you to your car. It's time to go to work." I sounded like a butler, but she didn't mind which made me feel strange in a weird but soothing way.

"Coffee would be nice. I take it black." she got up from the bed to get dressed.

"If you want you can take a bath here. It's right outside the room on your right. I'll go fetch you a towel." I said, my voice was jumpy.

"Okay, then. I'll wait for you to take a bath first so you can manage to make the coffee faster." Graces voice had that edge in her voice as well. Must have been awkwardness of the moment.

"Sure." And I went to the bathroom, taking a fresh pair of clothes and two towels. I handed her one of them before I went in.

Once finished and got out of the bathroom I got myself to the kitchen to prepare the coffee. The instant I finished making it, Grace had come out ready. I gave her a take-away cup which I usually took my coffee in, because I never had the time to drink coffee at the comfort of my own home. We walked out of my house and I locked the door behind me. We hopped in my car and I drove her to her's.


"Thanks for the ride. See you at the theater. I'm going to change before I come. They won't need me until later, so."

"Okay. Sure. See you later then." I waved out to her and drove off. We didn't mention anything about last night we still felt uncomfortable. I hoped it wouldn't be like this between us for long.

Sadly for me, as I drove off, I couldn't feed my eyes with the sight of her beauty till she came to the theater. I missed her body already. But fortunately for me there wasn't a lot of traffic so I made it to work on time. Phew.

I parked my car close to the theater and entered backstage. It was more busy than yesterday. The extras were still sick from the booze, and some even vomited on the stage. I seriously wanted to go back where I came from and call it sick. 

"Hey, Craig. It's your turn on the stage." Damn it!

I went to put on my costume and took my place on stage. I didn't want to take a long while as I did for the fact that the smell of vomit was making my head spin. I should have stayed with decaf.

Once I walked off stage, I noticed someone talking to Jenna from a distance. She was consistently busy. I admired her will. Some times I was so sorry for her, having to suffer all this stress without doing the job she loved most. If I could relate my past with hers, it's pretty much the same; losing what you love. Unlike me, though, she found something close to it to keep her happy.

I smiled at the thought; glad that she was happy and not ending up like me. Alone. But something was wrong. It must have been the man standing next to her. His eyes were gleaming at her not only with awe but with a mixture of something that I had seen many years ago. That look made me think that today was not going to end well. Like a bad omen. And when I heard the man was going to help James with the lights the knot that was in my chest was tightening.

Not only was the bad news going to be today, but everyday till the end of the pantomime. 

The End

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