Repetition Of The Haunting Past [1/2]

Yesterday Night

Hypertension was kicking in; my left leg couldn't stop moving up and down, and I was already on my second whiskey. Third one and I'll be drunk for good. I also had the frequent tendency of looking around the club at every corner to see it I missed her coming in from the entrance, which I couldn't take my eyes off.

When I was taking my concentration off the door, I noticed a few of the cast and crew members. Apart from Bella and James who were drinking water and coke, the others were on any alcohol they could possibly think of. Everyone was here except for the one I was waiting for.

"Hey, Craig. Mind if I take a seat?" A female voice came from behind me. I turned around and was dumbstruck. She was a vision. Hey wavy black curls were tied into a horse tail, showing off her beautiful complexion and those lovely radiant eye-lined green eyes were like a tropical forest. I looked down at her and saw what she was wearing. Just as I thought; something I wouldn't have imagined, but very satisfying to look at.

"Hey, Grace... ah... Sure, come and sit." I patted on the seat adjacent to me. As she sat I asked, "What would you like to drink?" I called the bartender, holding out my hand so he could see me.

"I'll have what you have," she said flickering her eyes flirtatiously as always.

"Are you sure?" I asked hesitantly. I had never seen a woman drink whiskey before. She nodded in response.

"Okay. Two whiskeys on the rocks, please." I turned back at her, looking up and down to see her extravagant body. And when I meant her body, I meant literally. She wore a silver-white see-through shirt revealing her black bra underneath, which was accompanied by black leather tights and shoes. Staring at her made my heart skip a beat. I started the conversation to break the ice.

"I thought you wouldn't come. When I got dressed at the theater, I went to see you at the make-up room and you were gone. Not to mention the fact you took long to come here." But I still had my hopes up.

"Oh! I didn't expect you to pick me up or anything. Besides I needed to change to something more appropriate for the occasion. Sorry about that. I hope you didn't wait long."

"No, actually. I pretty much assumed the usual 'be nice to the guy and then, once finished work, run off and forget about him."

"Now why would any girl do a silly thing like that to a man as handsome as you?"

"Well, you see, people usually get ticked off by my mysterious aura. I never seem to open up to anyone and they get agitated by it. And so to make things clear I won't do it for anyone, not even to myself."

Grace motioned her body forward, her nose nearly touching mine, "Those girls don't know what they are missing out on, then." I didn't get what she was trying to say, but with her face pressing against mine and her scent of lime and rosemary blurred my attention, if not the alcohol. I had the intention to get closer to kiss her, but at that moment the bartender served our drinks, breaking the spark between us.

I cleared my throat and drank my drink straight up; I was nervous all right. Grace did the same, grimacing by the strong taste and coughed after swallowing it. It must have been her first time.

In a matter of talking and drinking more than the ordinary I started to feel dizzy. My vision was blurring up and I couldn't remember anything very well of what happened. I only recalled a few moments that we had. I believed Grace was having the same problem because she asked to leave. 

"I don't think you should go with your car. Let me walk you to my house, it's just a couple of blocks from here." I shouted over the music so she could hear me.

"Okay!" She got up and fell in my arms. It was definitely her first time drinking whiskey. Unfortunately I was over my third drink and so fell on the floor with her.

When we were finally outside, we walked clumsily side to side. I tried to hold Grace, taking one of her arms around my head to support her. That didn't have a good outcome because our legs got tangled together, making us trip once more. I turned Grace over and caught her before she fell on the floor; I landed with one knee. As I had caught Grace, I stared at her face and gaped with awe. She had the most sweetest gaze I had ever seen in my life. Her face was red -- probably from the alcohol -- and said, "I will never forget you."

My eyes widened in shock, but I composed myself as much as possible, picked Grace up and took her to my house.

The End

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