Cara drove me home after around an hour, because we were both pretty tired. Steve stayed, because he was having an in depth conversation with one of the extras about his work, as her father was a lawyer.

"So Steve said he was going to ask you out." She said, as we turned on to my road.

"Yes." I didn't know what else to say really.

"And you said no?" She asked.

"Yes. I mean, I said no... he's nice and all but... well. He said you'd turned him down too. He's feeling quite deficiant in the dating sense."

"He just needs to find someone who will love him back."

"Don't we all." I laughed, sneaking a sideways glance at her to see her reaction. She smiled a small smile, then stopped the car.

"Here we are."

"Thanks. So tomorrow, midday."

"Yes, tomorrow."

"I hope your neighbours alarm doesn't wake you up tonight."

"Me too." She laughed.

"Well, if it does, I have a spare room." I took a breath then opened the door and climbed out. "Night."

"Thank you Helena. Night."

I walked up my drive and unlocked my door before turning and waving. Cara waved, then drove off. I went inside to bed. Still thinking about her smile.


Jenna walked in to me and papers went everywhere. And my costume ripped. She told me to go to the designers to fix it, which meant she had more on her mind, because she'd forgotten that I did most of the sewing anyway. I fetched my needle and thread and sat at the side of the stage, sewing. Cara was on stage, doing a scene with Craaig where Aladdin goes in to the cave. The lights and the mikes were working today, and things looked better.

I finished sewing my costume as Cara and Craig appeared offstage.

"Next scene everyone, hurry up!" Cara said, then noticed me. She smiled, then seemed to think of something and looked away, busying herself with something else. What had I done?

My first practice scene was where Abanazar used me to find Aladdin, but I had done that before Jenna had bumped in to me.

Now I waited for my scene with Aladdin when he was in the cave and he was looking for a way out.

The End

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