Jenna Hartley

After a late night, I had an early morning wakeup call. The hammering on my door awoke my deep sleep and I walked lazily to the door, I opened it and had such a bad head rush that I lost my sight so I couldn’t see who was in the doorway.

“Oh I’m sorry, is this a bad time?” my eyes slowly de-clouded and I saw a stranger on my doorstep,

“A little early but you’re here now,” I yawned,

“I’m Ethan Sky,” he smiled, my mind was blank,

“I’m Jenna Hartley,” I told him, he smiled and rolled his eyes,

“I know that, I don’t just go and call on strangers’ doors,” he grinned. He had dark hair and had it cut in a sort of Zac Efron style, his eyes were deep green and his smile made me want to smile back.

“I’m sorry; whenever I pretend I know someone who seems to know me, it always ends up a disaster,”

“We went to high school together,”

“Were you my swimming class?” I guessed, Ethan smiled,

“And English and math and biology,”

“Really?” I asked disbelievingly,

“I was the fat guy with ginger hair,”

“That was you?” I asked,

“I’ve changed a little,”

“A lot.” I smiled, “Come on in…” he followed me into the house and sat on the chair, I nipped into my bedroom and changed into some clothes. I started to make some coffee when Ethan started talking again,

“I was so worried when you were in the accident, what are you up to now?”

“I stage manage a theatre company,” I smiled and handed him a mug. Ethan lounged back on the chair as though he were James and it made me smile,

“I know a really good theatre company, I watch all their performances, it’s the NYTC,”

“The New York Theatre Company? Yeah I work for them,” I smiled,

“Really? I saw Aladdin last night – loved it!”

“That’s great news,” I smiled, there was a knock on the door and James came inside. “And that’s my cue to leave, I’ve got to get to work,” Ethan looked disappointed, “hey why don’t you come and tell the cast how good they were? They’re a little worried because we’ve got all the mics tonight and that’s a whole new ball game,”

“Who’s this?” James asked leaning against the doorpost,

“Ethan Sky, he went to school with us,” I smiled and went to collect my clipboard. I poured some coffee into two flasks and threw one at James; meanwhile the other two were having a conversation. I followed the guys out the door and locked up, ten minutes later we were in the theatre. James went to talk to Cara and I took Ethan backstage,

“So this is where it all happens,” he smiled lifting up the genie’s lamp, I took it off him,

“Break it and Cara will kill you,” I smiled,

“That I will, we only have one of them,” Cara walked up to us, “Who’s this Jen?”

“This is Ethan, an old high school friend,”

“I loved your performance last night,” he smiled, “you were a very talented Aladdin!”

“Thank you, thank you,” she smiled, “I’m pleased you enjoyed it.”

“I’ve got to go and set up Ethan, you mind just hanging around here until the cast arrive?”

“Sure, no problem.” he smiled,

“James is in the lighting box if you want to find him.” I added before rushing off, I was already behind schedule.


“Hey Jenna need some help?” Eve asked, I sigh in relief; I flicked some hair out my eyes,

“Thank God you turned up Eve. Can you give these out?” I handed her some rehearsal timetables. “Oh and would you give these to James? If I put them down they’ll just get lost.” I smiled and handed her the keys to the lighting box having forgotten to give them to him before. Eve rushed off and I watched her go. Eve was one of the sweetest people I knew, always wanting to lend a hand, she was selfless and one of my best friends.

I found Ethan and pointed him in the direction of James, but as I looked across the stage I saw James was a little caught up in his own personal business with Bella. I noticed Eve also staring darkly at James,

“Are you okay?” I checked,

“Hmm? Yeah, I’m fine,” Eve smiled. I didn’t believe her but I didn’t have time to ask her about it, so I left Ethan with Eve and went to sort out the mics with the sound guys. When I came back Eve headed over to me, she was smiling with bright eyes.

“So this Ethan guy…” she muttered casually,

“I’ve really got to get the stagehands on schedule, can we talk after?” I rushed past, before I turned the corner Eve called out.

“He fancies you!”

He had a crush on me? I rounded the corner and collided with Helena and we collapsed on top of each other, my paper went everywhere and there was a definite rip of Helena’s costume. I groaned and got up,

“Go and see one of the costume designers, she’ll sew it up!” I began to collect my paper and a hand rested on top of mine.

“Need a hand?” I looked up at Ethan, my heart skipped a beat and my eyes widened,

“You know what Ethan? I’m super busy, I’d be easier if you just went,” he handed me a piece of paper and got up, he looked hurt and a little disappointed.

“So I’ll see you around?” he checked,

“Maybe,” I shrugged casually and he walked off.

“She has a heart of ice,” Eve muttered coming around the corner,

“I don’t have time to date,” I told her standing up, “besides, I barely know the guy,”

“Professional as always.” she smiled,

“Could you go and tell James to get into that light box, stop flirting with Bella and get practising?”

“Can’t you tell him?” she asked,

“Do you have a problem with him?”

“No,” she shook her head but I narrowed my eyes. Did Eve hate my brother? Had James done something to hurt Eve? I was going to have serious words with him!


The End

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