Eve: Stupid

I opened my eyes and was greeted with a pounding headache. Groaning, I rolled over onto my stomach and tried to drown out the noise of the street. It failed, predictably, so I got up and made myself some cereal.

As I was eating it, and the migraine died down a little, I remembered what had happened last night.

Of course he would go for Bella, I thought to myself. Why had I even tried? You never have luck with men. Billy was your first boyfriend and look what happened with him.

I shook my head and sighed. Bella had a perfect body, she was beautiful, she could sing, she could dance. She deserved to have someone nice, and I had nothing against her. But what did I have? An accent. A stupid accent. When I moved to America two years ago I had no idea I'd come to hate my accent so much.

But what was I going to do? I'd always thought it was bad to have a crush on someone just like the day after you were dumped. It was irritating.

After a moment's thought, I rang my Aunt Ellie.

"Hello, Evie," she greeted me after the first ring.

"Hey, Auntie," I answered her. "I was wondering if you could help me."

"Of course I can! What do you need?" She sounded as if she was in a supermarket. I could hear my little cousin complaining in the background.

"Well... there's this guy..."

"Hmm." She waited for me to continue. I didn't. "So do you like him?"

I was confused for a second, but then remembered she hadn't even known abut Billy. "Well, yeah, I mean no, but..."

"He likes someone else, doesn't he?" she guessed immediately. "Who is she?"

"She's from my panto group. But that's not the whole of it. He's my friend's brother, and she's like the most perfect person in the world, and I've only known him for like a day... Oh, I just don't know."

"You have a crush on him, darling," I know she was smiling. "You can't help it. I'm sure it'll pass."

"I hope it does."

"Oh, Evie. You're so much like your mum. Listen, I've got to go. Uan's complaining. I'll ring you later, all right?"

"OK," I mumbled, and then cut of the phone.


So my main focus at midday was to act like everything was normal. I put on my best cheery smile and walked up to Jenna, who was carrying bits and pieces around, and handing things out.

"Hey, Jenna. Need some help?"

She shoved her hair out of her face. "Thank god you turned up, Eve. Can you give these out?" she handed me various bits of paper. I had no idea what they were for. She placed some keys on top of the paper. "Oh, and would you give these to James? If I put them down they'll just get lost."

"Yeah, yeah, sure," I smiled at her before she rushed off. Right, keys first. "Hey, James," I dropped them on his lap and began to walk off.

"Eve, wait," oh damn my life. I turned around. He said, "Thanks," and shook the keys.

"No problem," I shrugged. My voice sounded weird. I coughed to make it sound normal again. "See ya."

So then I handed out the papers, checked the time, and put on my costume. While the stage was being set up, I looked around, trying to avoid James' direction. But it predictably didn't work, and I noticed him talking and smiling with Bella.

"Are you OK?" Jenna asked when she caught me frowning at the scene, as she relaxed into a chair next to me.

"Hmm? Yeah, I'm fine." I smiled. She just looked at me and then shook her head like she really couldn't be bothered to object.

So I looked away from James. You have a crush on him, I thought. You stupid girl.

The End

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