Craig: First Appearance on Act 2

It was nearly my cue on stage for act two and I just came out of my trance of thought when Jenna collapsed on a chair beside me to catch her breath.

“Run off your feet?” I grinned at her, trying to hide my discomfort towards her. From the first day, I had noticed that she had a thing for me, but after a while she started to back away. I didn't really care. Most women were like that towards me from the fact that I was a very closed person -- except for Grace, the make-up artist; that is why she made an impression on me -- I hated opening up to people even to myself . I always buried my memories of that day even to myself.

“Man, I forgot how exhausting it was!” she smiled back at me.

“Is it going well?”

“I think so,” she grinned, “it’s the last scene before our interval so I’m taking a break before I have to rush around sorting out everything again,” she smiled again and closed her eyes slowly. Once she heard the jubilant clapping from the audience and the squeak of the closing curtains, she groaned and stood up reluctantly. “Time for round two,” she muttered leaving me to go to the stage.


It was finally time. I thought it would never come. It was my time to go on stage and I was getting closer to the moment where I can ask Grace on a date. I could imagine her with a well thought piece of clothing to try and arouse me in many ways. My imagination was going wildfire because it was nothing close to what she would think of wearing for the night. But every time I thought about it, I couldn't get the feeling of doubt inside me that her answer would definitely be a yes.

I took one deep breath as the thought come back to me and started shouting so the audience can hear me off stage, "Hello?  Is anyone there?"

Unlike me, Widow Twanky is already on stage supposedly having a mystic moment and said back to me, "Oh I’m at a séance."

I was still off the stage and I shout again, "Hello?  Is anyone there?"

"Quick get the Tarot Board and the Ouija cards." she said in response. I finally walk on the stage and when I did, Widow Twanky asked with her back towards me, "Is anybody there? Does anybody care?"

I took a big sombrero and put it on my head and said to the crowd, "I will wear this hat to increase my disguise."

"Have you come from the other side?  What’s it like? Is there a Sainsbury's?" Widow Twanky asked as if I was a spirit from the dead.

"My name is Abanazar!  I am a mystic."

"More like a mistake."

"Good morning lovely lady." I said, trying to get her attention.

"Oh no! This is the laundry, the opticians is next door!"

 "What beautiful creature am I addressing?" I Ignored her.

Twanky slowly peered over her own shoulder to look to see who I am talking to. "Woof! Have you got your contact lenses in upside down?  Your name again?"


"So Mr “have a banana” what can one do for you?"

"I am looking for Widow Twankey and her son."

"Well look no further for I am she, and with a name like Twankey I need my tea." She said, moving her hands wildly as she rises from the floor.

Wishiee Washee entered quickly with a cup of tea. "Cup of tea for you mum."

"Ugghh it’s coffee!  It tastes like mud!" Twanky grimaced and spat the small amount of supposedly coffee on the floor; another cleaning to do.

"Well it’s fresh ground!" Wishee Washee said. 

"And here is my son…Wishee Washee!  Wishee this is MrAzerbaijan."

"How do you do?" Wishee Washee said as she bent down to do a curtsy.


"No thanks, not during the week."

The End

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