Act 2


I was going along the downstairs changing rooms, checking everyone was getting ready when Cara stuck her head round her changing room door.

"Oh, Helena, I thought I heard your voice. Could you help me out?" She disappeared and I paused, puzzled, for a moment then opened the door. She jumped back from the door and I shut it hurriedly behind me. "I can't get out of this!" She laughed, stuck in her Chinese shirt. She turned round and I saw the zip was stuck on part of the fabric. Please don't be broken I prayed. I realised she wasn't wearing her shimma tights either.

"Where are your tights?" I asked as I peered at the zip.

"I caught them on that nail I told one of the stage hands to get rid of on the door. I'm so annoyed."

"You have others though?"

"Yes, I'll put them on when you've done."

"And I'm going to get a hammer and knock the nail in myself." She laughed and I paused while her shoulders shook. I couldn't help but smell her perfume as we stood so close.

As I was attempting to unzip the shirt there was a knock and Jenna appeared round the door, shutting it hurriedly when she realised Cara was in her underwear.

“Just here to check up,” She mumbled, a little red either from embarrassment or stress.

“Everything is great, you’re doing a great job organising all the little monsters,” Cara replied.

“Anything I can do?” She asked, keeping her eyes on Cara's face as though she was trying not to look anywhere else.

“Just keep being excellent!” Cara replied.

“Bye Cara, bye Helena!” She called as she left.

“Well, I’ve never seen Jenna embarrassed before,” I chuckled, finally unhooking the zip and pulling it down.

“Well, she isn’t used to the changing part of it all. She used to dance, but she always got her own changing room. Thank you.” She said as she pulled the top over her head. I busied myself with getting her other shirt ready so that I wouldn’t have to look at her body. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her slipping her tights on. I passed her the other shirt and she slipped it on; then turned for me to zip it up. When I’d finished I slipped out, after exchanging a good luck and a smile that made me tingle, and went upstairs. Minutes later, Cara appeared and glanced around, smiled when she saw me and then disappeared behind stage. She always smiled at me. It was my one bit of hope that she actually might like me.


The beginning of act 2 is all about Aladdin returning home with his genie and all the riches while Abanazar is telling Twankey that he’s dead. I was watching this long scene until about half way through, when one of the stage hands came and told me two of the extras were drunk. Drunk?

It turned out they had snuck out during the interval and their boyfriends had bought them drinks at the bar. Both were lightweights by the looks of it, and one had spilt one of their drinks down the skirt of their costume. Another job for me.

“Right you two. Nothing more for you tonight. Order a taxi and go home, then come back tomorrow with a better attitude or you’re fired.” They looked at me blearily then began moaning and complaining. “I don’t want to hear it.” I cut in.

“What’s going on?” asked a familiar voice.

The End

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