Eve: Grinning

It was halfway through the last scene before the intermission, the one where Alladin goes to get the lamp. I'd done all my scenes except the last one, in which Aladdin and So Shi get married. Because, of course, they always have to get married at the end of a pantomime. 

To pass the time, I went to watch the lighting being controlled. I liked watching that because you could see all the different bright colours mixing, when they were normally rather diluted by the time they reached that stage. 

"Hey," I greeted the guy, having forgotten his name. All I could remember was that he was Jenna's brother.

"Hey," he responded without taking his eyes away from what he was doing. I then remembered that he had to concentrate on what he was doing, so I shut up and quietly watched from where I was. 

When the act finally finished, he leant back and looked over at me. "It's Eve, right?"

"Yeah... Sorry, I can't remember your name."

"James," he smiled. "How're you?"

"I'm all right, thanks. How about you?"

"I'm good."

"I think I might grab something from the canteen. You coming?" He asked, getting up.

I shrugged and followed him to the canteen. Because he didn't have a costume, and because I'd swapped mine for my skirt and my David Bowie shirt, it didn't really matter that we weren't backstage. 

I was actually starving because I hadn't had lunch. The breakup with Billy had put me off eating, but now I was just depressed and that made me want to eat, eat, and eat even more. 

"Wow, you're picking up quite a feast there," James commented on my collection of snacks. Some biscuits, a few chocolate bars, a bottle of Vimto and then a packet  of sweets and some iced coffee. Not to mention the other stuff.

"I... uhh... was planning on sharing it," I said truthfully, grinning. "I normally buy stuff for the  group. We only have sandwiches backstage."

He raised his eyebrows. "Bourbons, coffee, doritos? If I know females, this is more like comfort food. Whether you were going to share it or not... uhh, no offence."

"None taken," I grinned. "You're absolutely right. How'd you know?"

"Experience." He answered simply. Then added, "With girls, I mean."

I laughed. "I know what you meant."

I payed for the snacks and then we went backstage, where I dumped the stuff on the snack table and  then took my coffee and doritos and sat on So Shi's bean bag. James sat on the step next to me, so I offered him a crisp.

He took one solitary dorito. "Thanks."

"Seriously? Take a handful, dude."

"Teyk ah hendful, dood," he mimicked my accent jokingly, but obliged by shoving his hand into the bag.

"If I had the ability, I would mock your accent," Yet again, the guy had me grinning.

Then people started moving about and putting on costumes, along with setting up the next scene, etcetera, etcetera.

"Right, I think I'll go give Jenna some help. Nice meeting you. Yet another tall person," and again I grinned.

"I'm sure she'd appreciate it. See ya around. Oh, and by the way, your accent is great." He grinned back, then went to sort out the lighting.

So I went off to find Jenna, and ask her if she needed help. I was quite happy I'd met James. He seemed like a great guy, I was so glad I'd gone to watch the lights.

As I walked through the crowd of extras, who stuck to each other like limpits, I decided that I was definitely going to get to know him better.

The End

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