Craig: Backstage

The moment I walked out of that stage, I had never thought I would be more busy.

Everyone backstage was moving nervously, fidgeting with their clothing or complaining at the costume designer for everything that was wrong with it. I, unfortunately, had to go back to the make-up room to get ready for my new scene as Aladdin's distant uncle, squeezing through the crowd of actors who were playing the villagers. 

"Hello, Craig! How's the play going. I heard a few people talking about your opening. Many laughs there." The make-up artist started commenting as I walked up to her to take my seat which she was standing next to.

"Yes, but I have read those lines so many times I didn't enjoy the contents of the play much. Just the acting out which I believe I have outdone myself. I literally believed that I was Abanazar and at some point; it made me feel like I abhorred  my own existence. I should have taken another role."

"Well, I'm glad that you have, because now I can spend a little more time with the main characters such as yourself." the make-up artist winks at him. I could tell she was flirting with me, she had shown that from the day I  introduced myself to her  and the others on the first group gathering. 

She was indeed a very attractive woman. She was a couple of years younger than me, had a nice fit slender body, healthy black wavy hair with a unique pair of emerald green eyes which were enchanting, complementing her appearance in many ways that attracted me to her as much as I did to her. Unluckily, I never liked having relationships with the staff so I decided to ask her out after the play finished and we had to go to our individual directions as people of the theater business.

The make-up artist finally started taking off my make-up from my face to begin attaching some of the rubber mask to hide my identity to the audience. When we were talking she had already gathered most of the equipment and powders she needed and had taken out some tweezers to avoid ruining the mask.Once applied perfectly on my face, she tucked paper towels in my shirt, letting them to stick out mid-way, and started working on the make up to make it look more realistic. 

"So, handsome, what do you think of my work?"

"It is very good. Better than any other make-up artists I have met. Have you ever considered promoting yourself to something that satisfies you financially?"

"You sure know how to flatter a girl, Craig. I need a few more years before anyone could accept me in higher standard jobs."

"Well, then they don't know what those people are missing out on." I gave her a grin, flirting with her now so she can understand that I'm not uninterested in her. She looked down and tried to hide her smile.

After long minutes of getting the make-up right, the waiting and sitting down was finally over.

"That's about it. That's a bummer, I'm going to miss you already." slipping a finger under my chin.

"Thank you very much. I hope to see you once the play is over." I asked, hoping I don't miss my chance with her.

"Sure. I'll wait for you any time, darling." I gaped as she turned to her table to clean the mess she had made while fixing me up. Had she known my intention's or something? Had I really shown that much affection to her without knowing; that was the only time I had ever flirted with her in the first place. Maybe she was smitten and wanted to wait for me so she could see me for the last time by her own accord.

I managed to walked out of the room and hear the people of the audience laughing at the distance. I was in my own world feeling my face's expression of utter confusion. I slowly composed myself as I walk up to Helena who was standing at the side of the stage looking at the play with a smile on her face; she must have liked it a lot.

"Going well isn't it?" I whispered.

"Yes," she whispered back, not looking at me as she responded. I left her and found an empty seat to rest and think about the make-up artist again, while I was reading through my lines so to not divulge to anyone of what I truly was worrying about.

The End

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