Helena: Theatre magic

I grinned unknowingly while I watched Cara perform her first scene. There was something in the way she smiled, always smiled, that captivated me. She lit up the stage; the energy in her performance showed just how much she was enjoying it.

Craig appeared next to me.

"Going well isn't it?"

"Yes." I whispered, not taking my eyes of Cara. I felt Craig slip away, and still I was watching Cara. She was so alive on stage. You'd never realise she'd been stressing constantly before she appeared as Aladdin. As she finished her scene, she ran off the other side, and it was time for the man playing Widow Twankey to go on. He appeared from stage left, the side I was on, dressed in a very flamboyant costume with lots of sequins and bows on it. A giant orange wig perched on his head.

"Aladdin?? Aladdin??? Oh, why hello boys and girls!" I laughed a little. With all his makeup on, he truly did a tremendous performance as a panto dame.

I went to find the villagers to warn them that Wishy Washy's scene was next, and that they had better get ready. As I passed a seated Craig, I almost bumped in to Cara. We paused for a mere moment and smiled at each other. I took a deep breath and we passed each other, heading on our different ways.

I didn't even know I liked women until I met her. And I still wasn't sure about her. I'd had crushes on other women, but with Cara it was different. With her I felt like I could be myself, but I was always wary because I never wanted to say something stupid. I could laugh with her, but when I wasn't with her thinking about her made me feel like crying. She was a paradox in my emotions.

I found most of the villagers on the other side, helping dry off the handmaidens and the princess after their little water fiasco.

"Villagers! It's almost your turn." I said in hushed tones, before returning to my place.

Enter Wishy Washy for a little funny comedy with Widow Twankey, before Twankey exits and Wishy starts his scene with the villagers. And now... the police.

"Have you seen your brother Aladdin?"

I turn and catch Cara looking at me. She smiles and looks away, but I've seen it. I blush slightly, glad that it's dark so no one will see, and then turn back to watch as the police interrogate Wishy. He jokes around then runs off, and they follow. The children are laughing, and I can hear a few chuckles from adults as well. Now for another princess scene where she will enter the city and meet Aladdin.

I envy Bella sometimes, getting to play Cara's love interest.



The End

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