Eve: Panto Happenings

My first had three lines. "Yes, So Shi.", "He's out there." and "...maybe you should wait a bit."

The things that went on in the scene happened it a rather panto-like way. By which I mean, we kept making mistakes. Not in our words, but in what we did.

There was a blackout so we could set up, and then when the lights came back on it revealed Bella sitting on a purple sparkly giant bean bag, while I brushed her hair and the co-star who played the other handmaiden (I could never remember her name) pretended to paint her nails. 

First of all, nail varnish was knocked over, which was ignored for the sake of staying in character. 

"Do you ever think it'd be nice to see the outside world?" Bella asked loudly, as the lack of microphones meant we had to speak up considerably.

"I've seen it," said handmaiden two, while I shrugged.

Bella frowned. "Oh yeah. Well, I haven't seen it, and I think it would be beautiful."

"Not the part I've seen."

"Oh, don't be a killjoy," she turned to me. "Don't you think it would be beautiful?"

"Yes, So Shi," I answered cheerily. 

She laughed and got up, being saved by us as she almost fell after tripping over her dress. Not supposed to happen "Thank you. I think I shall ask my father if I can go to town today. Do you know where he is?"

"He's out there," I pointed to where our makeshift window should have hung, but it had got broken just before we came on stage, so we just had an imaginary one.

Bella dramatically pretended to throw the window open and we all mimed looking out of it, rather unrealistically. Everyone backstage banged on pots and pans, and the guy who played So Shi's dad yelled complaints about nothing. 

Bella screwed up her face. "Oh..."

"... Maybe you should wait a bit." I suggested, wincing at the noise myself.

"Oh no! He's coming! Quickly, put the make-up away! Turn of the lights!"

Blackout, and then catastrophe ensued. We'd had to practice doing this in the dark so many times, and still hadn't got it perfect. This had to be the worst, though. The sound effects were made just by us, we had special things to knock off of shelves, which made smashing noises as they landed. I quickly helped Bella plait her hair and put on her Chinese dress. The we set about hiding things. But I pushed off the wrong vase, which didn't break but resulted in a litre of water being spilled all over the stage. Handmaiden two and Bella accidentally ran into each other as I grabbed a paper palm leaf and a bowl of grapes, so when the lights came back on we hadn't finished. Bella quickly sat back on her bean bag, which was now covered by a deep blue sheet and the tables had been covered by red ones, and I slid the grapes across the stage (making the whole audience aware of the water). 

"Quick!" Bella told me, improvising as we held back laughter "Go and distract my father!"

"Of course," I giggled, and slipped on the wet as I tried to run out. Handmaiden two took her  chance to avoid getting her dress wet and announced that she would do it, throwing the bowl at me and ran off to the right. I held the grapes with one hand threw the palm leaf behind me with the other, as it was now absolutely soaking. The audience caught on as to what had happened

We paused to calm down from laughing. Then So Shi's dad appeared.

"I... uhh... spilt something," Bella noted, smirking, eyes glistening.

"Well, yes I can see that," he rolled his eyes. Then pointed at me, "You, go and get a cloth to clean it up."

"Yes, your highness," I grinned, bowing as I bowed to him and then inched out backwards, making sure I didn't slip again. Then the scene carried on as planned.

As soon as I got backstage, someone threw me a towel so I could dry off. I thought Cara would be a bit annoyed that it went wrong, but when I looked up after drying my hair everyone was either grinning or laughing. 

"We saw it on the CCTV camera," Cara informed me. "It was brilliant. We got a huge laugh from the audience, and you managed to make it look part of the act."

"Yeah, Eve." Jenna beamed. "That fall looked so realistic."

"I know, right? It's like I actually fell over." I grinned.

Then Bella came backstage and I gave her my towel. "Best scene I've ever done."

The End

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