Craig Jones

I was ready, but the pressure that the other actors had was getting to me. Before I could go to the right side of the stage for my entrance as the villain of the show, I walked up to Helena so as to calm her down from all the stress.I could tell there was something on her mind. To ease her worries I wished her good luck and to remember to speak from the diaphragm, then I left to get into position.

As I stood behind the curtains, I did not feel the urge to revise my lines. They were as humorous as they were easy to recall. Then again, I had read through them plenty of times the night before just to let out the last minute nerves I usually have for every play I have participated in; I never have them on the day, it's a gift I have or maybe even a curse, I do not know.

I here the command for me to step out to the crowd. I walk out and hear their jubilant cries that the play has begun.

"Huh!  What’s this?  Boys and girls?  Mums and Dads?  Do you know who I am?  I am the evil one they call Abanazar." I shouted in a perfect wicked voice. That was mainly the reason I had the last nerves last night. I could not find the exceptional heavy voice which I was looking for, but I maintained it well on the stage. Once the crowd heard me, they started boo me with contempt.

"Ah! Button it! I’m far too busy too listen to you lot." - I straighten my composure to show the power I acquired. At that brief moment I wave my hands and say,- "Nose of pig and eye of toad!  One Big Mac and then explode  Abracadabra.  Shazim.  Shazam. Make this ring magic to help my plan."A puff of smoke appeared on the other side of the stage and Helena emerged.

"I am the slave of the ring. I am at your service." She said as if  giving a witted remark.

"Good!  Very good!  I am Abanazar!" I exclaimed.

Have a banana?"

" Abanazar!" I repeated with rage.

"I have waited long for your arrival."

"Yes.  Sorry, there was a queue at the Post Office."

"What is it that you desire?" 

"Bring me the Magic Lamp of Balthazar!" I demanded.

"Alas this is beyond my magic power, but I’ll tell you where the lamp may be found." Helena informed me like a receptionist at her post.

"Where?  Where is the lamp?"

"In a cave near Alicante."

"And can I go and get it now?"

"No!  You can’t!  Only a direct descendant of the wizards who placed it there can find it!  So you know who you must find?"

"Harry Potter?"

"No! Only one such descendant lives!  His name is………Aladdin!"

" Aladdin!  Does the boy know that he holds this power?"

"He does not.  Only he can enter the cave.  For others it will mean certain death."

"So, Slave of the Ring!  If I find the boy Aladdin the lamp will be mine."

"Yes Abba Gold!"

"Abanazar!" I yelped. I then turn the opposite direction of the genie of the ring and said with a loud voice to be heard from the audience. "I will trick the boy Aladdin by pretending to be his long lost Uncle." I then turn to the Helena and commanded, "Where does he live?

" He lives with his mother and his brother in the Imperial City of Peking!"

Helena fronts the opening song and James lights up the back of the stage to reveal the market scene and the townsfolk. 

The End

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