Maria Wright

When rehearsals had finished, I skipped quickly over to the cloakroom and pulled my winter coat off the rack. I threw it on over my dance clothes and slipped on my running shoes.

"Bye!" I yelped as I ran out of the theatre, quickly waving to the others, who muttered goodbyes and waved back at me.

I ran out into the cold air and shivered as it hit me. Wondering when it got so cold, I started running, fuelled by a good rehearsal and the thoughts of what lay at home for me. I skidded around an icy corner quickly and almost ran into a tall man, "Sorry!" I said, turning to him. He carried on walking, seeming not to notice, so I turned back and carried on running, this time more cautious and at a slower pace.

Eventually I got home and eagerly unlocked the door and pushed it open, "I'm home!" I announced loudly, and grinned as I heard a loud bark from the back of the house.

Bouncer skidded down the corridor and jumped up at me, his tail wagging quickly and his tongue hanging out. "Hey mister," he barked back in reply and I pulled his lead off the hook. He barked again, louder this time, and I shushed him while I clipped the lead to his collar.

I quickly ran up to my room and dropped my bag, grabbed a quick glass of water and chugged it down and rejoined Bouncer, who had, in my absence, taken to scratching at the door and whining. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the lead before opening the door.

The ground outside was covered in a thin sheet of snowflakes, which Bouncer curiously poked his nose at. He glanced up at me, confused, and I laughed and walked out onto the snow. He followed cautiously and walked slowly down the drive to the street. By the time we reached the end of the drive his coat was peppered with snowflakes, but he seemed to have taken to the snow, so I set off at a gentle pace.

The End

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