Ride home

"That would be great, thanks." I put down the tools I was using and hurried to get my bag from the side of the stage. I always stayed late, partly because I liked doing the small jobs that no one would notice until last minute, and partly because I had discovered that Cara liked to rehearse once everyone had gone.

She stood alone on the stage, free of all the confusion and the distractions which meant she had to slip in and out of character to direct. Her speech was clear and so projected that even the back rows would have no trouble hearing her. Not that it mattered, as we would have microphones on the actual nights. Watching Cara perform was strangely hypnotic. She had a stage presence that captivated me; as though nothing and no one could stop her from shining out there, because she was doing this for herself. This was what she loved.

I only hoped I could come alive on that stage as she did.

Outside the air was crisp, and a thin layer of snow had already formed on the ground. I laughed as snow flakes caught on my eyelashes and momentarily blinded me before melting away. Cara smiled up at the sky, and I caught myself watching her face, where a slight sadness had settled, disguised under the mask of joy. She looked down and started to tread carefully towards her car. I followed suit, feeling the urge to throw a snowball at her overwhelm me. I reached down, cupped some of the crisp cold snow and fashioned it in to a ball. It flew threw the air, hitting her back and leaving a white splatter mark. She turned slowly a look of hilarity and fake shock on her face, before returning fire with a snowball scraped from the trunk of her car.

"I surrender!" I yelled after a few minutes of being thoroughly beaten. Cara dropped her latest snowball with a triumphant grin on her face, before gesturing to the car door. I climbed in, slightly shuddering as the cold hit me via the damp patches on my coat, and slammed the door shut in order to prevent more snow from falling in the car.

"Ooh, let's get back before our nose fall off." Cara said as she fastened her seat belt.

As we drove through the streets, we chatted about the performance, and the way that some of the members had come on a lot since first rehearsal.

"You know, you've become more confident Helena." Cara said as she turned in to my street.

"Thanks. I just, took my cue from you." She smiled, and then looked around.

"Which house?"

"Oh, that one, right there." I pointed at my house; a white and brown building with a beautiful garden hidden under the  snow. I love this place. I spent ages decorating the inside and out so that it was as warm and cosy as possible.

"Nice house" She complimented as she stopped the car.

"Thanks. So, you want to come in for a drink?" I couldn't believe I'd just asked her that. She paused, and I couldn't tell whether she was thinking how to let me down or whether she should or not.

"No, I'd better get back. But another time, ok?" She smiled again, that smile that made me a little flushed.

"Oh, ok. I'll see you tomorrow night."

"Yeah, see you tomorrow."

The End

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