Cara Adams


Everybody was filing out of the theatre by the time the ten o’clock moon sailed its way to the sky. I remained in the center stage, under the single brilliance of a limelight, tall and proud of my crew. I threw my head back a little, placed both my hands on my hip, and smiled gracefully as they exited into the shrouding night. This week had been a week of struggle, especially because a member of my crew, one of utmost importance had suddenly walked out on me. Twice this week I had been dragged out of my stage to attend the court hearings about the fate of my former Lightning and Sound manager. The verdict was that he had to spend some time in jail; however there was the option of bailing him out. I wasn’t desperate enough to do that, and besides, he had made me lost enough of my time already. I knew he was a terrible candidate the moment he stepped in my office looking for a job, but he was so eager to learn and work that maybe I could change him.

I shook my head, what a disappointment. Fortunately, Jenna brought her brother, James, along. He seemed alright, learning the ropes quite well when I went through the controls with him. He would have to do for tomorrow’s night performance, and finish the season with us until I am able to get hold of another for the job. I saw them exit the theatre together. I bit my lips, wondering what it would feel like having a brother you can count on. I wasn’t much for gossip; however I knew some of the Hartley’s life struggles, particularly Jenna’s. It was heart-breaking when I interviewed her for the job she initially applied for, a secondary character. It really pained me to turn her down. Instead, I offered her another position, as my assistant director. She was organized, trustworthy, and energetic; I needed more people like her around me. So she was hired. The youngest members of my crew were Eve and Maria, tomorrow would be their first presentation but I felt confident of their abilities. Then there was Isabella, the girl whom I would share the stage with. She was an exceptional actress and singer. Sometimes I confused her sophisticated airs of friendship for apathy, but she was a very reliable person. And then there was Helena, one-word description: special.

Every member of my crew has a special place in my heart. We’re a small, yet growing family. We support each other like any family would. Something my own family failed to do with me. I was the only child of a very religious family; they wanted me to grow up to be a nun or a teacher. They wanted me to stay close to them because I was their only daughter and they loved me, in their restraining way, anyway. I refused to throw away my life by staying in that little town I spent my tormented childhood in. Once I turned eighteen, I moved out to New York, my favorite place in the world. Everything beautiful happened in New York and I wanted to be a part of it. I worked hard for several years, at first performing minor roles as an actress and dancer, and two years later I would become the lead-girl of the show. Everybody wanted to hire me, I was successful and I wanted to share my success with my parents. I went back to them but they shut the door in my face and asked me to leave. They’ve shunned me from their life ever since, and all I can do is suppress my bitter tears whenever I think about them.

I went back to New York shortly and looked to open my own performing group, I hired an agent (who turned out to be my best friend soon after) and got the support of other theatre and dance companies. Within a year, I had my crew assembled and our presentations were strong and enjoyable. I was the director and choreographer, I had no extra money to hire third-party professionals and I had experience. So my agent, Steven Parker, asked me, why not?

I breathed in the cool night air that sipped from the door ajar. I did some warm-ups and breathing exercises before going through my lines again. I usually didn’t go home until after midnight. I had recently found a pleasure in solitude. I paused as I saw a shadow making the final arrangements to the set. I turned and wasn’t surprised as to whom I found there.

It was Helena, the most cheerful girl she had ever seen, though she was somewhat timid in her performances. However, she always managed to shine through. She had the most extravagant and exotic eyes I’ve ever seen, it was something very distinguishable of her. I must admit she has me enthralled whenever she dances, the energy and excitement she inspires is wonderful. I wouldn’t be amazed if the younger members of my crew looked up to her. A funny thought crossed my mind, Helena was always here.

“Hey Helena, not going home yet?” I asked, walking to her. She and Isabella were the tallest girls in my group. “You should rest; tomorrow night is the big night.”

Helena smiled lit her eyes. “I know. I’m so excited about it. I don’t think I can sleep tonight because of my nerves. How about you?”

“Midnights are always my best time to rehearse,” I confessed. “And because I have nothing to do tonight. Steve must be mad at me for cancelling on him; we were supposed to dine together tonight.” I smiled sheepishly at her and added, “a business dinner, nothing else.”

I saw Helena blushed slightly, “Of course. I hope he isn’t too mad at you; it would be a shame losing someone as valuable as him. He’s an ace with legal stuff.”

I couldn’t agree more. “I think we all need to rest tonight. Do you have a ride home? Want me to take you?”

The End

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