Jenna Hartley

I grinned as James was led away to go and learn how to operate the lighting equipment, I brought the rest of the crew together and handed out more rehearsal timetables for the coming week, there were a few groans but I ignored them.

“I’ve got a wedding this Saturday, I’ll have to miss rehearsal,” muttered Liam under his breath,

“Seriously?!” I asked him, “You didn’t put it on the list of dates you can’t do!”

“It’s sort of last minute,” he cringed, “sorry Jen,”

“Don’t let it happen again.” I warned, “Any other questions, come see me later,” I called before heading to the costume storage area where I bumped into Rose; she was in charge of costumes. She was sat in the corner by a light sewing an Arabian headdress together. “It looks good,” I muttered whilst rummaging along the rails,

“Thanks,” she smiled,

“I’m looking for a new costume for scene twelve, I’m not feeling this lime green sari,” I said holding it up,

“I see what you mean, it’s very modern…” Rose put the sewing to one side and began to help me search, “How does gold work?” she asked,

“Brilliant!” I cried taking it from her, “You’re a life saver!” I gave her a quick hug and rushed back to backstage. “Bella!” I called; she was warming up in the wings. “Can we do a quick costume fitting?” I asked, she took her leg off the pole and nodded following behind me. She came out the dressing room looking wonderful, the dress hung nicely around her thin frame and the gold complemented her face nicely.

“All actors to stage!” I heard Cara call, Bella quickly darted into the room, got changed and ran to the stage. I went to the wings so I could listen in, it was always good to know what was going on. James was standing sheepishly next to Cara and she was introducing him, I could see the girls ogling at him and I rolled my eyes to myself. He wasn’t that good looking, but it annoyed me how people always told me how hot my brother was, it wasn’t as if I was interested in dating him. I shivered at the thought and made my way onto the stage, James gave me a ‘please-help-me’ look but I just laughed at him.

“…so kindly volunteered to help us, have patience as he’s new to this…” Cara was saying.

“Reckon he’s single?” Eve whispered to me,

“What about Billy?” I asked her,

“We broke up remember…” she muttered, I slapped my forehead,

“Sorry Eve, I was being dense,” I cringed, she smiled,

“So what do you think? Wait, he looks like a male version of you, isn’t that weird?!” Eve cried a little loud, a few of the cast turn and scrutinized us, looking back and fourth.

“It’s not that weird seeing as we’re twins,” I smiled gingerly,

“No way!” Eve whispered.

“Quiet at the back!”  Cara called; I elbowed Eve playfully and disappeared off the stage.


A few minutes later James came to find me,

“You got told off!” he grinned poking me in the ribs, “You’re naughty!”

“Get off!” I giggled pushing him away, “Haven’t you got some work to do?” I asked him,

“It’s ten at night,” he explained, “rehearsal ended half an hour ago,”

“Where did the time go?!” I asked incredulously,

“Come on chuck, let’s get you home,” he put his arm around my shoulder and we walk back to the car. That was the thing about James, one moment we were at each other’s throats and the next we were like best friends. I guess that’s what happens to you when you’re with someone so similar, someone who you share DNA with, when you're with your soul mate…

The End

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