this is for joshua karl alvarez-seifert.

thanks for the memories. i wish we had more. and i hope you're happy, wherever you are. <3

i think about those moments sometimes, those little moments that just pop up. 

and it makes me so happy to remember those moments, when i was enough;

enough to please, enough to trust.

i remember those moments when our made-up world was enough.

honestly those momemnts keep me alive most nights.

i remember those moments sometimes,

all those wandering talks in the middle of night

god, how i think about those times.

and i think about the moments when we were happiest,

and the moments when we were at our saddest.

i think about those moments sometimes,and every time,

i think of how i loved you, and how you might've loved me,

and i remember the last time i saw you,

the light of your existence fading away from me,

and i smile as the tears travel silently as i struggle to catch my breath

these memories violently caress my soul,

honestly these memories are the only things that remind me that i'm alive

and i just have to say thanks for the memories.

The End

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