Thank you?

I should be thankful. In fact, I am thankful. I've lived a charmed life up to this point. No major family issues to speak of, always food on the table, everything I've wanted was provided to me, within reason. What more could I ask for. As I meet new people, namely the ones not from my affluent town, I am realizing how lucky I am. I suppose I owe my parents thanks. After all they have been my biggest proponents and the ones who supply me with whatever I need. But at a certain point the amount of thanks I owe them tapers off. Yes they have treated preferentially ( not compared to my siblings but to how parents in general treat their kids) but I was born into a good situation. I'm thankful for that, but to whom? A god? Well if I were to thank Him for being born into a positive situation doesn't that mean that those born into destitution should resent Him? It doesn't seem to be that way. It seems as if the poorer people are the more they rely on a god. It's a escape for them from and harsh realities in which they face each day, a glimmer of hope. Maybe material things and traveling don't constitute a positive situation. I'm sure there are people out there who would shun my way of life, just as I would there's. Personally, I cite my self-deemed positive life as nothing more than luck. And I'm thankful to wherever credit is due. 

The End

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