Ten Plagues

Remember the Ten Plagues of Egypt from the Bible? Well, here they are personified.


Lola and I had been best friends since sixth grade, despite the fact that she likes vampires more than werewolves.  Then there was that time she stole my charcoal eyeshadow... but we're still best friends.  Half of that is our shared interest in all things dark, and the other half-- well, maybe two-thirds-- is that I told her about my talent.  I can control light.

So, I was sitting next to Lola in calculus, and the teacher was giving a particularly boring lecture on right triangles.  We shared a look that said, "When are we ever going to use this in real life?"  I took out the penlight I carried with me everywhere and started playing with little orbs of light.

As I was making a little light-ferret dance on Lola's arm, I heard a voice that reminded me of James Earl Jones: "Orli Maria Carson, you are called upon to use your gift."

I looked around to see if someone was messing with me, but no one there looked like they would have that voice.  It continued, "You shall go to the Sacred Heart church at 4:00 today to meet your colleagues."

After class, I told Lola about the voice in my head.  She blinked.  "Okay, either you've completely lost it, or you just had a personal conversation with God.  Both of those would be awesome.  What did it sound like?"

"It was kind of a cross between James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman.  I kept expecting him to say, 'I am your father!'"  I tried my best to imitate the voice of probably-God, but I've always been pretty bad at impressions.

Apparently, the words alone were enough to make Lola laugh.  When she calmed down, she said, "I guess you're going to church this afternoon.  I mean, it'd be pretty bad to ignore God.  He might give you a mustache."

Lola may not be rooting for the right supernatural creature, but she knows how to joke about holy missions.

The End

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