I sat in the car and looked out at the rain dropping from the sky. I smiled as I listened to the gentle tapping noises it made on the window. It always relaxed me. I looked up and saw the driver look at me uncertainly. I smiled at him and he looked away. 

I didn't mind. I was used to it. People were uncomfortable around me, because I was different. Because I saw things, noticed things. Like my new carer in the front for example. He'd just picked me up and was driving me to his house. 

He hadn't said much yet, but I knew a lot about him all ready. Like he was a builder of some sort. He had been married for a few years, and his wife wore the trousers. He didn't really want to take in any children, but his wife did. Maybe his wife couldn't have children. 

Of course I didn't mention this. And when I'd find out, I'd act as if I hadn't known. But sometimes I slip up. And say things, that I shouldn't have said. Let them know I know things. It's something I've been working on controlling. 

I looked back out of my window. I didn't know why I bothered. I knew they wouldn't like me. It's always the case, no matter what foster family I'm placed with. Looking at this family, I'd say less than a month. Was it really worth it? 

"So Bree, what do you like to do?" Jack asked me. Conversation starter. 

"I like to dance." I said back to him. He raised his eyebrows and looked at me through the mirror. 

"Oh really, what type?" He asked. He dances. Or he used to. 

"No type. How ever I feel, when the musics on. Sometimes I dance to no music." I told him. He nodded his head then looked away. 

He stopped at the traffic lights, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed the train station. How nice it would be to just get on a train and go. Go anywhere I liked and look after my self. I was fifteen. I knew how to cope on my own.

I glanced at Jack. He wasn't looking at me. Would he chase me? He'd park first. He loves his car. That would give me time to get a ticket. But what if a train wasn't due? I knew how to hide. 

Without another thought, I grabbed my bag and jumped out the car. I vaguely heard Jack shout 'OI' but sure enough he didn't follow. I was at the entrance when the lights turned green, and he began to drive towards me. 

I had a few minutes. I looked for the next train that was setting off. London. London sounded good. I quickly bought my ticket out of the money I'd saved. Rushing to the train, I looked back and saw Jack looking around for me. I almost felt sorry for him. His wife wouldn't be happy. 

As soon as I spotted the train, I jumped on. Silently begging it to go, I tapped my feet nervously. I could see Jack out of my window and he was getting nearer. I leant backwards though and he didn't spot me. I smiled as he moved towards the nearest train to him. The wrong train. 

Then just before he turned round, the train set off.

And I was free. No more passing about from family to family. I was on my own and I knew I could do it. 

I just didn't know how.

The End

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