Casey and EthanMature



I awake at the new message tone from my phone. I look at my clock. 6:30. Jeez. Who is texting me?

I sit up and immediately catch my reflection in the mirror. I grimace. The remains of yesterday's make up is smeared around my eyes and my hair is sticking up in all directions. I reach for my straighteners and plug them in, going on the logic that since I'm up, i may as well start on my hair. As they heat up i reach for my phone. The message turns out to be from Ethan, my boyfriend and the love of my life so far. Any annoyance i feel for waking me up so early flies out of the door. I wouldn't be annoyed if he texted me at three in the morning, let alone six. The text reads:

Hey babe. Soz for textin so early but this is urgent. Ive bin thinkin bout this for a while now n ive decided im gna do it. Im runnin away. Theres rly nuthin here for me. Idk where im gna go, but London seems like a gd idea. U dnt hav 2 come with me, but im gna miss u like hell if u dnt. If ur comin meet me @ the station at 7. leave a note 4 ur rents. urs'll care. mine wont. love u lodes. E xxx

I read over the text half a dozen times before it finally sinks in. He's running away. And you're going with him.  A voice says in the back of my head. Its true. I've decided without even thinking. If he's running away, so am i. It doesn't occur to me for a minute to stay at home. I couldn't live without him. We've been through so much together. We've been through him getting kicked out of school, not once but twice, him binge drinking, him smoking crack, I sure as hell aren't giving up on him now.I text back:

Im comin with u. Ur not doin this on ur own. I'll meet u there. Love u more than life. C xxxxx



I look at my watch. It's six fifty nine. I peer down the road. There she is. She wasn't lying. She really is coming with me. My heart soars, and i feel like a massive weight has been lifted of my shoulders. I look at her again.

God, I think how the hell did she manage to straighten her hair in such short notice?  Her hair is dead straight and her make up is perfect, like normal. She is wearing a pair of skinny black jeans and a clingy pink top that shows the outline of her bra. Over the top she has a gray cardigan and her black raincoat. On her feet she has her black converse. Over her shoulder is slung her biggest black hand-bag. I know she has probably filled it with make-up and most likely her straighteners, though where she thinks she is going to straighten her hair whilst living on the street i don't know.

"Hey!" She walks up, smiling.

"You ready for this?" I ask.

"I was born ready." She replies with a grin.

"Baby, this is serious."

"I know, just trying to lighten the mood" I lean down and kiss her.

This is it. The two of us are on our own from now on.

The End

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