Serenata: No such thing as a happy ending...Mature

Snow falling all around....

Agonizing pain. I fell into the snow, falling, falling...

My baby...My baby was screaming...

"Noooo!!!" I howled, my eyes snapping open.

Matthew yelped, falling off the bed onto the floor. It was a dream. Just a dream. I fell back onto the pillow. But Gabriel was crying.

I glanced down at poor Matthew who had managed to take the covers with him. He untangled himself, rising ungracefully.

"I'll get him," I mumbled sleepily, standing.

I half stumbled, half walked to the nursery down the hall. When I had reached the door to the room, Gabriel had stopped crying. Puzzled, I walked inside.

The form of a man in the dim light was standing by his cot. By the tweed jacket, I guessed who he was.


He turned around slowly. He was holding Gabriel.

"Hello Sere," I could barely see him smile in the darkness.

I walked up to him. Gabe was asleep in his arms.

"Have you named him yet?" Dad whispered gently.

I nodded, then realizing he probably couldn't see me very well either, "Yes. His name is Gabriel,"

He grinned, "Hello, Gabriel Song. Aren't you just the cutest thing?"

I laughed softly, as not to wake my sleeping angel.

I held my arms out for him. Dad passed him to me. Gabriel stirred in my arms a bit, snuggling into me.

"Did you find Bellona?" Mum had told me that Dad had gone back for her.

He nodded vigorously, "Yes...but," He paused.


I was frightened by how dark his voice turned, "I'm sorry Sere. Madame Kovarian killed her,"

My mind couldn't comprehend this. Sassy, sarcastic, rude, funny Bellona Rossi - was dead? The girl who had betrayed us, then risked it all to make it up to me. Dead.

"My god," I gasped, mortified by this news.

"There was nothing I could do," His voice cracked with sadness.

I leaned into him, resting my head on his shoulder, "It's alright, Dad,"

There was many an occasion when someone we knew would die. I always found myself in the position of the comforter to my father. It always broke his hearts when someone innocent, or guilty in this case, fell beneath the blade. To me though, it was simply an ordinary occurence. It was saddening, but you had to move on. You had to keep going.

Gabriel awoke suddenly, crying out hungrily. Seeing this, Dad kissed the top of my head and hurried out of the room, leaving me to it.


The morning came at last - or at least, morning for those aboard the TARDIS - and with it the promise of waffles. The delicious smell drifted from the kitchen, the sound of Dad crashing around with dangerous utensils setting my nerves on edge.

I wandered inside to see that he had managed to light the stovetop on fire.

"Oh, hello Sere! Don't worry, I'll have this out in a jiffy!" He was attempting to put it out with paper towels which only made things worse.

I got out a towel from the cupboard, soaking it in water, not panicking whatsoever - while the almighty last of the Time Lords swore a blue streak, battling the flames with his tweed jacket.

I laid the towel out on top of the flickering fire. It went out abruptly, smoke rising from the slightly singed towel.

"Blimey. Thank you Serenata," He murmured, holding up his jacket to inspect the burn marks all along the sleeves.

I laughed, "No problem Dad,"

River and Matthew entered, drawn not only by the smell of waffles, but no doubt the smell of something burning and the sound of Dad flipping out.

"Good grief. What happened in here?" Matthew murmured. He was holding Gabriel who was sucking on a bottle.

"I'd say the Doctor," River chuckled, planting a kiss on Dad's cheek. He grabbed her, moving her lips to his.

I giggled, running over to Matthew to do the same.


The adventures I have with my family may be dangerous and deadly at times, but I wouldn't trade them for the world. If I could go back and relive all those moments, I wouldn't change a thing.

There may be no such thing as a happy ending on all sides, but I know, and I think you do too, that you don't need happy endings when you travel with the Doctor.

What you do need is love.

The End

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